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Dark & Grey: Are You a Women of Color Wearing the Wrong Colors?

Seasonal Color Analysis for Women of Color

As my title suggests, I have discovered that for women of color, especially African-American women of color, but probably all women of color, when they are wearing cool colors that do not suit them, it not only gives them a grey cast but makes them look several shades darker than they actually are!

Now, to some extent, this happens to all women who are warm but wear colors that are cool. They all look more grey or have a grey cast to their coloring. But it is even more dramatic in African-American women (maybe even all women of color) because it actually makes their skin look noticeably darker.

And African-American women come in a rich variety of beautiful shades from light to dark, and I have seen it happen all across the range, to lighter-skinned women, to darker-skinned women, and all the ones in between.

Doug’s Story

Let me tell you what happened with a guy I will call Doug. I had reason to encounter him several times over the course of a couple of months or so.

He had dark skin and an accent, so I had the thought that he might not have been born here in America, but never actually asked him about that, because we talked about other things, like writing papers for his courses in college, and the columns I had to write but was always getting done at the last possible minute!

His skin always had a grey look to it, but I thought that was inevitable because it was dark. He looked okay in his clothes, so it was easy not to even question whether or not he was wearing the right colors.

Until the day I saw him in a warm green shirt! His skin did not look grey AT ALL, and instead, was a very rich warm dark brown, a couple of shades lighter than it had looked before. I immediately told him what I did, explained that I thought his coloring was warm and that he might need soft warm colors to accent his skin.

He explained that his typical college “uniform” was white t-shirts and jeans, and I suggested he consider other shirts hanging near the white ones he might thoughtlessly grab, and pay particular attention to wearing warmer colors for job interview, first dates, and other important times.

But what a revelation!

Seasonal Color Analysis with Celebrities

Soon after that, I reconsidered every celebrity color analysis I had done and then, did a whole bunch more. I changed my mind about quite a few and noticed that darkening/graying effect over and over again.

Now, a few celebrities were wearing warm colors when cooler colors suited them better. And you could tell it wasn’t them at their best. But it didn’t harm their look in nearly the same way. I think that this is because most, if not all, women of color have some degree of warmth in their coloring.

My Own Journey with Seasonal Color Analysis

I have had this experience, myself, twice, in two different systems. In one, I wore nothing but cool colors for almost a year and didn’t even notice the grey thing happening!

It wasn’t until I began to experiment with warm colors, and even then, not until I began to get trained as a color analyst, that I realized how grey I had looked before. If I hadn't worn those cool colors with brown (I had good instincts), it would be even more grey!...

But even my first try within the color analysis realm was too cool. Because we were looking at pictures of me in clothing colors that were warmer but still too cool, both Lora Alexander and I thought I was a soft autumn instead of a warm autumn.

She was undecided between the two and asked for high-definition pics to examine.

But the only one I had was one where I was wearing a soft autumn color. My skin looked darker, greyer and cooler. So she decided on soft autumn and I agreed. But I knew something was wrong as I began wearing more and more soft autumn colors! When I began to experiment with richer and warmer ones, my coloring came to life!!

And that’s when I realized I was a warm autumn bright.

Which Season Are You?

If you are a woman of color who would like help in determining which season you are, I have created a free seasonal color analysis quiz and eCourse that may help you. Register here…