Sunday, January 13, 2013


Hi everybody!

I promised you a big announcement and here it is...

I am taking an indefinite sabbatical from my work as a color analyst. Although I think it is likely to be permanent, I have learned in my life never to say "never."

Have I lost my mind? Well, maybe!

I have loved playing with color and style, and helping women discover themselves through the lens of seasonal color analysis. And I have so enjoyed getting to know so many wonderful color aficionados. Your comments, emails and stories have meant so much to me and I am grateful that you have been part of my life, one way or another, for the past two years or more!

But in the past several months, I have been getting a lot of intuitive guidance that I had wandered off the path, and that I am actually meant to help women discover themselves in an even deeper way.

I am a spiritual director and holistic healing practitioner. And although I was still working with people as a distant healing practitioner, I had been greatly minimizing my work in that area, and apparently, my work break is OVER!

BUT... for any of the people who wanted to do a color analysis when I got back to work in January, that haven't contacted me yet, I am almost caught up but will still honor my promise to do it if you contact me during the next 2 weeks. Info about that, with the discounted price, here.

And I have a parting gift for you guys here, my ebook, Start with Ten!

I hate to say goodbye, so come visit at my new place!

Love you guys!!


  1. Hi Jeanine, I have enjoyed this blog so much, I just wanted to thank you for all of the time you must have spent on it. I find it so calming with the warm, natural colors and your cheerful presence that comes through. Good luck with your new venture -- I will certainly check out your new blog!

    1. Thanks, Ann!! I have loved seeing you here and chatting with you. I would LOVE it if you visited me over there because then I wouldn't have to say goodbye! :)

  2. Jeanine, I knew you were beautiful outside. Now I know you are also beautiful inside. It's been a pleasure "meeting" you. I wish you the best on your journey.

  3. i love you blog & i like your way
    thanks a lot


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