Monday, October 8, 2012

Another Look at Soft Autumn

Soft Autumn

Since it has been about a year since we explored soft autumn color analysis, I thought it was about time we did it again. In Color Alliance, soft autumns are often give the true autumn label but the middle term (like mellow) defines them as soft and so do the colors in their personalized color palettes.

Here is a true mellow autumn color palette...

Are You a Soft (or Mellow) Autumn?

You might be a soft autumn woman of color if…

(1) Your overall coloring is warm and golden. Skin color can range from cafe au lait or cappucino to bronze to a darker chocolate brown. It's not about light coloring but minimal contrast.

(2) Your natural hair color is a dull brown or charcoal. Many soft autumns highlight their hair for exactly this reason.

(3) There are no sharp contrasts between hair and eyes and skin; they kind of all blend together. 

“On Soft Seasons, there are no big jumps from one colour to the next. Transitions exist, but as the eye moves from the skin to hair to eyes, it doesn’t encounter anything bold or sudden in the colours themselves or how they are combined.” –Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints

Another Look at Soft Autumn Colors...

Soft Autumn Sweaters

Do You Have a  Soft Autumn Personality...

“You find yourself telling this person your dreams. They integrate Autumn’s open minded acceptance of new personalities and ideas and Summer’s gentle kindness. Autumn’s very natural disposition, completely without airs or pretense, is still here but tempered to lessen the more abrupt honesty. One feels so comfortable in this presence that our own masks and guards fall away. There is no threat, no tension, and no judgement. Though they certainly look more Autumn, their nature is nurturing. Rather than the soothing feel of Summer, this trait is more about fostering and encouraging the growth and happiness of those they love, very womanly aspects.”

Isn't that quote beautiful? Do you relate to the soft autumn description?

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"A unique system of color analysis, firmly grounded in scientific measurements
and circumscribed by the timeless principles of art. It produces a color palette unique to you, specifically designed to complement your own skin, hair and eye color." –Color Alliance
Click here to find out more!

"When we find the set that enhances you above all the others, what we have really uncovered are the exact pigments already in your skin, in your body. When you then wear the colors you already are, you look like magic because your person and your attire is sending the same wavelength of energy to the viewer." ~~Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints


  1. Great post !

    Love your pictures and articles!!

    A blog like this should definitely be followed so here I am :)

    Stop by mine when you have the time!!


  2. Those soft greens and teals are gorgeous, Jeanine. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday so we can learn more about color and beauty.

    1. Thanks, Patti! And you're welcome. I love to connect with you all and see what you've been wearing. It affirms each week, that we can be stylish at any age!

  3. I look forward to reading what you have to say about color. I have always been interested in color theory especially in relation to fashion. You have a real talent for conveying information in an interesting way!

    1. Wow, what a great compliment!! Thanks so much, Debbi!

  4. Jeanine, I got a lil teary eyed when I went outside today and it was chilly! NO!! I dont want it to be Fall lol.

    1. LOLOL, Tami! And here I am, longing for chilly!! :)

  5. I love those soft autumn colors!!
    Love the beautiful quote, too!


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