Friday, September 28, 2012

September Goals: How Did You Do this Month?

(1) Read Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui : and choose at least one area to clear this month.

I did it!! And I was so happy with the results, I think I will continue this goal for next month. Maybe until the end of the year?

(2) Start with Ten Challenge: Choose ten items for my early-fall, transitional capsule wardrobe this month and live in them.

I did this one, too! What I liked about it is that I didn't insist that the ten items stay the same, so if I wore something and then, realized I didn't love it or don't love it anymore, I took it out and replaced it. So the ten I have ended up with is really good.

(3) Read Archetypes of the Enneagram: Exploring the Life Themes of the 27 Enneagram Subtypes from the Perspective of Soul. Or, at least read the chapter about my own type.

I completed this one, too! I love exploring the Enneagram and my type (type Nine).

How did your month go? Were you able to get it all done?

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  1. Wow - you had a great month! I didn't quite get everything done, but I'm trying to relax about that :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Thanks!! Rarely do I accomplish every goal. I'm not sure that it has fully sunk in that I did this time. But yes, do relax about it! What I love about 3 in 30 is that there is always next month.

  2. You did great this month, I love to simplify, it's so rewarding. I did pretty good last month even though I got really sick, so I am happy about it. my goals this month are tough though!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Glad you did well last month. I haven't even begun to choose this month's goals, except a general thought that I want to include some form of clutter-clearing.


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