Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make It Real! Makeover Challenge: The Pruning Process

I have been participating in the Make It Real! Makeover Challenge for several weeks now, here and here and here, and each week, I have added to or modified my vision board.

Last week, I actually just about doubled what I had had before, because I dove into several websites and magazines that offered fall fashion week and capsule wardrobe inspiration. This week, it's time to pare down!

Paring Down...

"After you’ve meditated on your board for a while and taken down your thoughts, observe how you feel. See if there’s anything missing from the board, or if there’s something you should let go of; something that you may have missed during the editing stage." ~~Valeria Chuba, from Cultivating Style

The goal, once all the pruning has been done: 20-40 pieces

The Pruning Process...

Step One: choosing the best of the best, in my opinion, which left me with less than 20 pieces. So I added a few more.

Step Two: Looking it over, seeing if there is anything that does not quite fit, that I don't really love. And saying goodbye...

"I just followed the first part of Valeria’s instructions for the next stage of the challenge, to go through my vision board “and remove any items that don’t resonate strongly anymore.” Unfortunately that left me with about 15 items, of which 5 are watches. Oops. I don’t think that’s going to be enough." ~~Jenny, from Cultivating Style

Me, too, Jenny!

Step Three: Here's what was left. Not quite 20 pieces, but I was happy with it!

What it All Means to Me...

After I was done with the revisions, I journaled about each piece, writing down what it was I liked about it and why I had chosen it.

Here are the words that came up over and over again...

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