Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Back to Homeschool: An Experiment in Letting Go

Y'all know I take my clothes seriously, right?

And I form relationships with them. So we experience loss in many forms, whether it's a favorite aunt or a favorite sweater. And this post is about the latter, I'm afraid. :)

I'm reminded of an old Andy Griffith episode where they were trying to convince Otis that he had died. They were singing, "we shall meet and we shall miss him..." LOL! But that's what it feels like sometimes when I have to let something go. Do you grieve when you lose a favorite piece of clothing?

In my never-ending quest to discover exactly what works and what doesn't, what loves me even more than I love it, I began to realize that my beloved green duster (yes, you know it well) was falling out of love with me.

We tried to make things work. And you know, we might get together for lunch every now and then, provided I bring my shoulder pads and my animal print scarf and create a bit of eye-catching, sleight-of-hand contrast. But basically, we know it in our hearts. It's over. Goodbye, green duster!!!

First, I tried it without the shoulder pads and without the scarf. Oh boy!! Then I added both and tried again.

I tried it with a monochromatic look. Not enough contrast, and way too muted. I tried it with the khaki pants and kinda got away with it, but still could tell it wasn't my best look. I ended up taking it off and heading to the store in just my shirt and the scarf.

I am now taking applications for a new beloved duster. Needed: a certain something, a beautiful color, substance and structure, and all at a fabulous price (because I ain't loaded). Meanwhile...

"I will remember you..." ;)

Is there anything you need to let go of as we head more deeply into cooler fall weather? What do you have in your closet that probably shouldn't make the cut?

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