Sunday, August 19, 2012

Reflections on Super Soul Sunday

"Remove Your Inner Thorn: Author Michael Singer says to imagine that a problem is a thorn in your side. You have two options: keep the thorn in and feel the pain, or remove the thorn altogether and never think about it again. Find out how to identify and remove the thorn in your life."

On Super Soul Sunday last week, Oprah talked with Michael Singer, author of The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself.

I loved spending that hour with them. The reminder that I most enjoyed is that you are not your thoughts. You are the observer noticing that you are having your thoughts. So, as I understood it, I think this would be his advice on how to respond to a thought...

Observing a Thought & Responding

(1) First, recognize that you are the observer and stay in that role, refusing to fully engage with the thought or the feelings it suggests you should have in response.

(2) Then, ask yourself whether or not the thought is "helpful" to you.

(3) If it is not, let it go and expect it to pass.

(4) If you do think the information or content of the thought is important, it's still a good idea to take the time & expend the effort to relax fully.

(5) Then, from that place of peace, you can decide what you want to do in response to the thought. This way, you still have interrupted the thought-feeling already selected for you-reaction cycle and will have more freedom to choose what happens next.

My son watched it with me and it was right after a nighttime conversation we had when he couldn't go to sleep and was feeling afraid because of what he was thinking. So I am hoping it will help him, too. I needed the reminder, myself, as I often feel completely entitled to my reactions, as if they are inevitable and logical responses to whatever has happened.

The Fashion of It All! :)

Yes, I did get distracted by what Oprah was wearing because I think she and I are both clear autumns, and I was just considering that same color combination for myself and wondering if it would provide enough color support. As an aside, I also was wondering if the fabric had as much substance as I like, but that's a slightly different consideration.

Inspiration from Super Soul Sunday

Now, you might be thinking that that color, though popular for Fall, is too light. And maybe it is. But it is not as light as it appears to be in those pics. Apparently, both pictures and video can lighten color

In the J. Jill catalog, that color is called sweet potato and believe it or not, the picture in the catalog actually much closer to this picture, found here, at Kalyn's Kitchen, than to the one above.

Is it time for lunch yet?

I am having a hard time remembering how close Oprah's shirt is to that sweet potato pic, but it is much closer than it seems in that video still. My son says it is close but slightly lighter.

Anyway, if I decide to try the outfit, I'll let you know how it goes.

What I definitely will try is observing my thoughts and relaxing before I decide how to respond. Will you?

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