Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reflections on Super Soul Sunday

I watched Super Soul Sunday today and really loved it! Oprah talked to Marianne Williamson and even though this has nothing to do with personal style, I want to share one of the things she said (which was something like this):

"How you authentically feel in any given moment is not necessarily who you authentically are."

LOVE that! So...

(1) Short version: don't believe the hype!

(2) Longer version: when you are incensed, or despairing, or just worried, it certainly feels real, but what if it's NOT real?

(3) Question of the day: is this real? Believe the love but question everything else because it might be pulling a fast one.

Something else I got out of today's show was that our purpose here is love. Made me think about coming from love as I blog. Not just to give information but to offer love, as well. I will be thinking about what would mean, and what it would look & feel like.

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You can watch the entire episode here or here. If you did watch it, what did you think?

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  1. I've always loved Marianne. I think her books next to the holy ones were the first self help books I read which emphasize that love is all there is. When I think about situations which appear adverse there is just a lack of love or a misinterpretation of what is love. Thanks for the love in your posts.

    1. Hi Sandra! I am trying to do the same thing, about the lack of love, but it's hard work. I do better at acknowledging in my head that it is crap, but deciding to send love anyway. Need to practice that more, too, though, to be honest! You are welcome and thanks for your encouragement.


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