Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Make It Real": Using Your Vision to Create a Style Strategy

"for a style that expresses who you are,  the seed of inspiration needs to come from within you. If, in the process of creating your style, you are not engaging, or if you are dismissing, your inner voice, you are effectively removing the heart and soul of your style, and you are dooming yourself to repeat the same process over and over again."--Valeria Chuba, Cultivating Style

Ideal vs. Realistic Style ...

In this post, on Ideal vs. Realistic Style, Valeria answers a question about how to reconcile what you might see and admire and wish you could wear with what you know is more realistic, given your coloring or body type or lifestyle or circumstances. She encourages us to begin with really listening to what we would most want, with no limitations, and create our vision boards from that place.

"There are reasons behind your style cravings, and knowing those reasons will help you understand yourself a lot better, and thus create a more authentic style. But questioning and editing yourself at this stage is akin to constantly interrupting someone who has a very important message for you."--Valeria Chuba, Cultivating Style

Um, Oops! ...

"In other words, I was definitely missing the point. I was choosing items that I already knew I could afford, from stores that I always shop in, and eliminating things that were too expensive or wouldn’t look good on me without even putting them on the board even if they appealed to me. Most importantly, I had rushed through the whole thing in less than a week, instead of doing it slowly and thoroughly over the course of the whole month." ~~Jenny, also from Cultivating Style 

Me, too, Jenny!!

Make It Real Challenge Style Considerations

My first "vision board" attempt, last week, was totally based on what I think I can wear, not what I wish I could wear. Which means I jumped the gun a bit. So this week, I started over and have tried to create something based completely on what appeals to me...

From Vision to Style Strategy...

In this video, Valeria explains in more detail why it's so important to start with a vision as you create a style strategy. It comes from last week's post on the Cultivating Style blog but also is posted on YouTube.

My Style Cravings...

This vision board, of sorts, was such a good idea, because of all it tells me about how much weight and substance are needed in my clothes. And that they might need a little flair! :)

What have you been craving lately?

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  1. I really like your new vision board and I think you would look fabulous in those styles. I think I am a little the same in that I tend to look for "safe" styles first.

    1. Hi Ann! Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that, and actually, other challenge participants have said the same thing. It feels risky to get excited about things you think you couldn't wear, but I already understand why Valeria insists on it.

  2. This was an informative post...and it applies to any creative endeavor. Thanks for showing the video. I enjoyed looking at it here on your blog. And, then I visited Valeria's blog.(loved it too)
    This vision board technique reminds me of the vision board I've done concerning other life goals. It never occurred to me to apply the same principles to dress. This could take some time; but it will be exciting to see what vision is in my heart.

    1. Sandy, if you do try it, let me know how it goes! And what a good point, that that first part of the process, like brainstorming, could be applied to anything and will be better if you don't censor yourself.

  3. I've been craving fall...wearing layers...and boots! I like your new vision board and how you challenged yourself to think outside of your safe zone and select pieces you may not have considered wearing. That's the fun thing about creating your style...you can mix 'n match things to find something that makes sense to you...even if it deviates from your inspiration.

    1. Hi Chandra! I am craving fall, too!! Thanks. You're right, it has been much more fun to abandon my censor and just see what shows up to inspire me. And I just got my Vogue & Marie Claire magazines for fall, so there will be even more inspiration to come. :)


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