Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Make It Real" Continues: Creating a Wardrobe Plan

Last week, I told you all about the "Make It Real" Makeover Challenge and gave you links to the post Valeria and Jenny have written about it in case you want to jump in, too. Did you? And if so, how is it going so far?

I think I have fallen in love with everything I have seen in the fall catalogs. Help me! :)

But I am in the process of going back through them all with a more critical eye to decide what is most likely to fall in love with me, too. And I have been combining this challenge with what I have been learning in my Fashion Feng Shui training.

Here are the guidelines I have come up with, so far, based on the characteristics for each element that I can use, based on my own elemental makeup...

(1) Water...

the darker colors in my color palette
some fluidity in the design
some creativity in the design

(2) Earth...

earthtones, yellows and browns
slub fabric
substantive weight
boxy silhouette (but longer)

(3) Wood...

blues, greens and woodsy browns
elongated cardigans/tops, linear/streamlined
casual looks

Signature Style

(4) Fire...

oranges and reds
v-neck tops and cardigans
animal print

(5) Metal...

gold jewelry
khaki pants

Here's my attempt to put it all together, with what I am looking at, so far (and three of these items are already on their way to me :)

Make It Real Challenge Style Considerations

What have you been considering for Fall?

"A unique system of color analysis, firmly grounded in scientific measurements
and circumscribed by the timeless principles of art. It produces a color palette unique to you, specifically designed to complement your own skin, hair and eye color." –Color Alliance
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"When we find the set that enhances you above all the others, what we have really uncovered are the exact pigments already in your skin, in your body. When you then wear the colors you already are, you look like magic because your person and your attire is sending the same wavelength of energy to the viewer." ~~Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints


  1. Wow Jeanine you picked out great colours ,these are all so you... love them....I am so ready for a clothing challenge *hint hint;)*:)

    1. Thanks!! LOL! Thanks for reminding me. I am trying to decide what I am in the mood for after a fairly lengthy illness and now, working on homeschooling. I will email you and we can throw out some ideas...

    2. Arr Jeanine sorry to hear your not 100% yet no worrys on the challenge you concentrate on making yourself better :) take care

    3. Thanks, Claire!! I appreciate that.


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