Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Magical Power Colors: Your Colors of Tranquility!

Finding Your Tranquil Colors

In his book, Color Your Style, David Zyla has several great suggestions for how to use your tranquil color once you have found it. You can wear it to do yoga, you can wear it when you are relaxing at home, you can use it as an accent color in your chosen room, to make it more relaxing.

How or where do you find it? It is the lightest color in your eye! And just as I suggested before, I encourage you to identify not just one color but a range of colors you can think of as tranquil.

For instance, if you asked me what color my eyes are, I would probably say topaz. And I think of that as one of my tranquil colors. 

But I also would include amber, smoky quartz, tiger’s eye, caramel, golden brown, honey, apple cider and maybe even rust as potential tranquil colors. If your eyes are primarily green, you might consider cypress, seagreen, fern, blue green and other similar colors.

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I posted this same outfit as an example of the darkest brown, because I combined three browns within it. But this really is my best recent example...

"A unique system of color analysis, firmly grounded in scientific measurements
and circumscribed by the timeless principles of art. It produces a color palette unique to you, specifically designed to complement your own skin, hair and eye color." –Color Alliance
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"When we find the set that enhances you above all the others, what we have really uncovered are the exact pigments already in your skin, in your body. When you then wear the colors you already are, you look like magic because your person and your attire is sending the same wavelength of energy to the viewer." ~~Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints

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