Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Magical Power Colors: Finding Your Best Energy Colors

Energy Colors

This is a color that will give you energy and help you sustain it when you need it most. David Zyla, in Color Your Style, recommends finding the darkest color in your eye and using that as an energy color. So for me, that would be an espresso or chocolate chip brown, an almost-black brown. 

And I think, then, that the range of dark browns in my palette would all be energy colors for me, even if they are not quite as dark as espresso. So once you have identified the dark color in your eyes, consider the range of darkness for that color.

And this is the color you can use to strengthen the relationship with your children, according to Zyla.

“Try a sweater, a pair of slacks or even a jacket in your energy color. It will give you support for hearing any secrets your son or daughter has to share, even as it reminds your child of how open and available you are.”

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"A unique system of color analysis, firmly grounded in scientific measurements
and circumscribed by the timeless principles of art. It produces a color palette unique to you, specifically designed to complement your own skin, hair and eye color." –Color Alliance
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"When we find the set that enhances you above all the others, what we have really uncovered are the exact pigments already in your skin, in your body. When you then wear the colors you already are, you look like magic because your person and your attire is sending the same wavelength of energy to the viewer." ~~Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints


  1. So interesting that colors can have so much impact...but I have to agree with you.
    they truly are such mood changers.

  2. such mood changers, i need to refer my mom over here she loves these tones
    Xo Megan

    1. Hi Megan! Yes, they are!! And I'd love to see your mom here.

  3. I love colors and love the twist you bring into not just finding colors that look good but also the energy behind them. I haven't seen someone do that before.

    1. Thanks, Michelle!! I love colors, too. And the energy they give (or take) has been fascinating to me!


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