Monday, July 30, 2012

White House Series: President Barack Obama ~ Campaign Capsule Wardrobe

President Obama's Best Colors

Two weeks ago, we took President Obama's beautiful coloring and created a personalized professional seasonal color palette of best colors. Now, let's take a look at how he can use them to create outfits during the campaign season that will honor his coloring and still send the messages he wants to send about who he is and what he wants for our country.

What President Obama Should Wear

My advice for President Obama would be to create a campaign capsule wardrobe that does two things: gives him outfits that create an authoritative and powerful look, and give him outfits that suggest "friendly and likeable." Ideally, with colors that all mix and match so these don't need to be two separate capsules.

When I searched for pics of him, I found that he is already doing both to some degree...

Authoritative & Powerful: from the Color Alliance SIGNIA wardrobe capsule book ~ "combine deep navy, black, white, off white and deep red." This color combination also fits the bill for the "commanding attention" category.

And for a "power couple" look, wouldn't they look great together with him in that last suit and Michelle in one of these colors or something similar?...

(photo credit: Huffington Post ~ Huff Post Style)

Friendly & Likeable: "combine camel, tan or taupe with blue and pale gold or yellow."

(photo credit: found on Google)

These are great casual outfits, too. I wouldn't recommend this casual a look for campaign speeches, but I think they are an important part of his casual wardrobe during the campaign season in general.

And the red is casual but also attention-grabbing. I'd love to see him wear red and yellow more often when not giving speeches. But the blue-with-khaki or tan is a perfect combination.

Campaign Capsule Wardrobe: I guess his campaign capsule wardrobe is complete, already! I mean, I'd love more yellow ties, and maybe a lighter or more vibrant blue (more often) and even green.

"On the color spectrum, however, the President leans pretty conservative, so far sticking to blue, red, grey, black or white." ~~HuffPost Style.

But I guess he's doing pretty well with what he has already. And he does occasionally add a snazzier color in addition to the conservative ones.

 (photo credit for both "tie" pics: Neck of State)

So I guess he doesn't really need to add anything to his campaign wardrobe. Do you agree?

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  1. I think he rarely misses with his wardrobe choices! He looks terrific in all these photos, and I do like the red shirt.

    1. I agree, Patti! And I think the red shirt is my favorite. He can wear a lot of color that he has mostly avoided, but I understand that he probably wants a more professional look, which makes sense.

  2. Yes! Love the power colors!


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