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White House Series: Michelle Obama ~ Campaign Capsule Wardrobe

Two weeks ago, we identified Michelle Obama's personalized seasonal color palette of best colors. Now, let's take a look at how she can use them to wear fabulous outfits during the campaign season.

Michelle's personal style seems to be dramatic and classic, but as a First Lady, she seems to have lessened the dramatic and emphasized the classic a bit more. I think this is wise, and follows the tradition of previous first ladies. Occasionally, for dressier occasions, she adds a little more drama, and flair, and I think that is just right.

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So in addition to focusing on classic style, we want to choose colors for her that enhance her message during the campaign season. Her best campaign capsule wardrobe will include her personalized color palette, classic style and color combinations that make her seem easy to relate to, like someone who understands what people are going through and who believes her husband offers the solution.

That, of course, is the basic "first lady" message, and we want her campaign capsule wardrobe to support and enhance it, not compete with it in any way.

But they also need to be colors that sustain her energy, and send a subtle message that she knows what she's talking about, without calling undue attention to the colors or the outfits, themselves.

Campaign Style

So this first outfit is in a color very close to one of the ones in her palette and I think it couldn't be more perfect, for color harmony, for warmth and for approachability.

Campaign Capsule Wardrobe Series: Michelle Obama

I'd like to get her away from some of the colder, icier colors she has chosen in the past and infuse her style with a little more warmth. So that's what I looked for as I "shopped" with her in mind.

Warmth plus Style: Though I included a hint of burnished color (love my oranges), I avoided the really bright ones in reds, yellows or orange. I think she can wear them but I am not sure they are campaign-best...

Campaign Capsule Wardrobe Series: Golden Warmth

Campaign Capsule Wardrobe Series: Burnished Warmth

Here's an example of her wearing what I think I will call Olympic orange, because she wore it to the Olympics. It's perfect, especially for casual wear. Not too bright and looks fabulous on her! I guess the wrestler thought so, too...

Navy: If she really wants to do the darker neutrals, here's how I would do it (in the Polyvore below, by adding color to navy).  Although she can handle navy by itself and with white, if we're going for perfection, I would avoid it because, as you can see in the picture below, it cools her look a bit and adds some shadow and gray. Subtle impact, but an important one to avoid.

Gotta mention, though, that she also could do dark brown, and that would be better for her coloring. She could even pair it with the blue. Definitely a great choice for more casual campaign stops, but I think it could be dressed up, too...

Campaign Capsule Wardrobe Series: The Navy Edition

Campaign Capsule Wardrobe Series: Casual Warmth

Polka Dots: Though they are the "it" thing for Fall, I would head there gently, if at all...

Campaign Capsule Wardrobe Series: The Polka Dot Edition

And here's one final recommendation, wearing what the Mrs. O website calls Obama blue, that matches a color on the bottom left of her fan. Do you see the match?

One could argue that this color would be the best to wear because it reinforces the brand color, but I think anything that is in harmony with her coloring and gives her warmth & approachability will be a great addition to her campaign capsule wardrobe.

So what do you think?? How did I do?

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  1. I think you did great! I love the choices you made.

  2. I really like these choices, esp the "Obama blue" dress. I'd love to see her incorporate more of the burnished colors your recommend as well. I'm enjoying this series!

    1. Awww, thanks, Patti!! I would love to see that happen, too. It can only help, I think.

  3. Hi Jeanine,you did a fab job here,she would look great in these colours :)

    1. Thanks, Claire!! That's good to hear!

  4. Replies
    1. Wow, Megan, thanks!! That is music to my ears!

  5. Very interesting, Jeanine! I loved your choices and I agree with wearing colors that would "warm" her up. ANd I loved all of those burnished gold pieces you picked out- I'll be buying that color this fall! Hope it's a good color for me!

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks so much for your kind feedback!! Glad you loved my choices. And I might go looking for that gold, too, this fall. :)

  6. I love the First Lady in that purple dress and the polka dot sweater you chose is super cute!

    Transatlantic Blonde


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