Friday, July 27, 2012

July Goals: How Did You Do this Month?

The Dead Heat of Summer! STILL!! So, all month I have been staying in a lot and reading. And I have LOVED IT! I think I want to add at least one reading goal each month.

INNER SPIRIT EXERCISE TO TRY: Speaking of what I love (and what you love), try this exercise from The Answer is Simple...

She suggests that one way to get to know your inner spirit is to make a list of what you love. She says to do it quickly or you may get too intellectual about it. But quickly jot down whatever comes to mind.

As an example, mine had things like apple pie, situation comedies, romantic movies, reading, etc. And she suggests that after you make your list, you read it to friends and family members, because they are likely to think of things you left out.

THE GOALS: Here's how I did this month...

(1) Read & discuss Eat, Pray, Love with my friends Steve and Julie.

I didn't finish this yet and may continue it next month. I love her writing! It's gorgeous. But she's still in Italy at this point, so I better see it through to the end. :)

(2) Finish reading The Answer is Simple, by Sonia Choquette, and write my thoughts about it in my journal.

Though I definitely want to finish this book, and I loved that "know your spirit" exercise I wrote about above, I think that the more I read, the more I find little bits and pieces I disagree with and then I have to reframe it in my own language, to make it more consonant w/ my beliefs. 

I think that is making me less likely to pick it up. Once I disagree a couple of times, I trust the writer less.

I do believe that we need to welcome and embrace our inner spirits, and I'd like to see what else she has to say about doing so. But it is a bit of a pain to keep stumbling over the parts I don't like!

What do you when that happens with a book you're reading?

(3) Spend an hour each afternoon hanging out with my son before we cook dinner together. This goal will mean I have to stop working earlier than I usually do.

Though this didn't happen as often as I wanted it to, it did prompt a change in the way I do my schedule and that has led to more time together and more meals cooked together overall. So that's a good thing! 

(4) Order planner and books for homeschooling. I really should start the planning process, too, but getting the books and planner in will help motivate me to do it next month. I hope!

I have the planner but still have not ordered the books yet. Hopefully, I will do so by the actual end of the month, but if not, I will do it next week (I hope). 


So most of these goals (if not all) are still in process, but just having them as goals has led to such wonderful moments and changes this month, that I am thrilled, and I would count this month as a success!

How do you feel about your goals for this month as we wind to a close?

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  1. You did really well! What kind of planner are you using?

    1. Thanks, Kim! It's a MomAgenda planner.

  2. Really work on #3. He'll enjoy it and have so many great memories of the two of you together!

    (I've let time with my kiddos slip this summer, while I was in my pregnancy exhaustion fog. I did nothing I intended to do this summer.)

    1. Hi Tami! Thanks for the encouragement!! Yes, I will continue to work on it.

  3. That's an interesting exercise about defining and identifying your inner spirit. That's great that you were able to spend more time with your son! I'm sure he is treasuring these times with you. :)

    You asked what people do if they come across a book in which you don't always agree with the author. That's happened to me before as well. I read what is relevant and inspiring to me, and skip over the stuff that doesn't apply to me or that I don't agree with. I wouldn't put the book down if there are things that can be learned from it.

    1. Thanks, Ann!! And that's great advice. I think I am going to keep reading it, and as you suggested, skip the parts I don't like so much. :)


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