Friday, May 18, 2012

May Goals: How Did You Do this Week?

We're in the home stretch now, more behind us than ahead! How are you guys doing this week?

(1) Preparing for My Fashion Feng Shui Course: It begins at the end of the month (this is what I was saving for last month) and there are a few assignments I need to get done before it starts.

I am done, baby!! I did both of the assignments and they are here and here if you want to take a peek. Anyone familiar with last year's Easter disaster story will be amused to see that dress show up as an answer to a question.

(2) Healthy Changes: Sleep more, slow down, eat better, drink more water, etc.

Um. Confession: I am staying up way too late!! Gotta work on that and frankly, the other ones, too. Though my eating has been a little healthier this week, in some ways. Well, healthier for me. LOL! Baby steps on that one.

(3) Exploring Spring: Since last year, I have been loosely exploring (here and there) which version of warm and clear would suit me and finally, I think I have landed in spring.

I am having a blast exploring spring, and the only change is that I am finding out that I am a more vivid deep (or chestnut) spring than I had thought. Unfortunately it means that that color palette I showed you last week is not quite right. I will explain that in more detail in next Wednesday's post. But meanwhile, say goodbye to contrasting chestnut spring...

How was your week?

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  1. Enjoyed reading your posts for the feng shui class you're doing. The self-collage is such a great idea - very inspiring images and words you've picked. Will be interested to see what happens to the clothes you picked out for the closet audit.

    Hang in there re: the lifestyle/eating changes. They are challenging ones to make (I can speak from personal experience regarding the food/healthy changes in eating/vitamin taking/etc. - this week was difficult in trying to make and stick to changes in eating healthier...I didn't do so well, but hope to do better next week.)

    1. Oh thanks! I loved doing the self-collage, though I put it off for weeks. I'm relieved it's done. I liked my images, too, because I want the energy from the people I chose. I admire all of them.

      Oy, the lifestyle changes. Food and work are my fun and comfort, unfortunately. I need to slow down and find a hobby, LOL!

  2. Jeanine, I enjoyed looking at your Fashion Feng Shui "homework", especially the beautiful collage you put together. I recently had a Fashion Feng Shui consultation and had to do the exact same assignment. It can be work to try to distill down your pictures and words to what really reflects you, but it really does make you think!

    I may still be in the "honeymoon period" with Fashion Feng Shui, but I have explored a lot of these systems and it seems to me to be one of the most flexible and accurate. What I especially like is that it not only looks at your appearance, but who you are on the inside.

    PS -- Is that Rachel Maddow on your poster? I try to watch her show whenever I can. So smart and informative.

    1. Ann, how cool that you have done that with FFS. That is exactly what I am going to be training to do!! And yes, it really does make you think. I love, too, that it focuses on what's inside as well as outside, and has a solution when they don't match.

      Yes, that is Rachel Maddow! I think she is brilliant.

  3. Lovely flowers so nice and peaceful looking!

    1. Oh thanks, Tami! I wanted some spring inspiration. :)


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