Friday, April 13, 2012

April Goals: How Did You Do this Week?

(1) Creating a new color analysis ecourse: Because of some other things that are coming up, I need to get this done this month! So one change I'm going to make is to post here only on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. I'm excited about it, but a bit overwhelmed, too!

I got sick a couple of weeks ago, and am still mending. So I did absolutely nothing on this goal at all.

(2) Shopping diet: this month's health project has to do with my budget. I'm saving up for something and am really wanting to avoid anything extraneous!

Well,so far, so good with my shopping diet. I already bought the thing I was saving for (a fashion feng shui training course I am quite excited about that starts next month) so this is a leaner month than usual.

(3) Spending time with my son: sometimes work wins out more often than I intend, and I want to make a concentrated effort to make sure I spend quality time with him beyond homeschooling and on weekends.

Getting sick threw a little bit of a monkey wrench into this one, but we're not doing so bad. And next week will be even better!

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Ultimate Blog Party 2012

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  1. So sorry you were sick! There is a nasty flu going around here.

    the thing about goals is that even trying is a success. We don't always reach our highest expectations but it's still better than not having any goals at all. It sounds like you are one busy gal; I know how time-consuming and exhausting it can be to run a business and raise a son. Congrats on both!
    I have been so busy with my "real" work, that I have not had time to work on my class or my website but that will change. I'm almost done with my class content and I have a videographer to talk with. My son is still working 6 days a week so my new website is on hold as well.

    1. Thanks, Barbara! Ooh, I'm glad it wasn't the flu. Though there were a couple of days that I wouldn't have been surprised if it was. It's so good to hear people say that they understand the difficulty of mothering a son and a business at the same time! Good luck with your plans for your class and website!!

  2. Oh no - sorry that you've been ill! Hope that you are on the mend soon, and that you are able to sit and enjoy your son this weekend!!

    1. Thanks, Aurie!! Yeah, I think I'm on the mend, but you know how you can still have those days where you wonder if it's coming back? I'm in that stage, apparently! Good to see you here!

  3. So sorry to hear that you have been sick, but it sounds like you are still doing well on your goals. :)

  4. Sorry that you were sick but glad to hear you are getting better. I totally identify with your goal of spending even more time with your son. My kids are teens (13 & 17) and the time has just gone so quickly. Every minute with your kids is so precious- well, with teenagers maybe not every minute , but most. And that is exciting about Fashion Feng Shui. Will you be certified?

    1. Hi Ann! I know, the time just flies by and I'm trying to enjoy what little time I have left before the teen years (LOL).

      I am SO excited about the training! Yes, I will become a licensed facilitator.


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