Friday, March 16, 2012

March Goals: How Did You Do this Week?

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend! (Hope you get lucky!! ;)) 

(1) Creating community here at this blog: Continuing this goal, the two things I want to focus on this month are traffic and comments.

a) Toward that end, for traffic, I want to write one article, create one Squidoo lens and post one new video on YouTube this month.
b) For comments, I want to meet more bloggers and hang out with them a bit. Do you have a blog I could visit?

I've been having a great time visiting other blogs, but that's about it, this week. I keep having ideas for lenses and videos, but the wherewithal just has not been there. 

The time change knocked me out a bit, as usual. Does it affect you, too?

(2) Healthy changes: This is sort of a continuation of last month's goal about slowing down, drinking more tea, getting more sleep and eating more protein.

I've done well at all three this past week! I've even gotten off the computer before midnight a couple of times. 

The protein thing didn't go so well, but I was more conscious of what I ate and because of that, sometimes added protein and ate it first, when I wouldn't have, otherwise. I've been drinking more water, too.

(3) Avoiding last year's Easter disaster: My choice for an Easter ensemble last year was a BIG mistake! This month, I need to determine if it was just the color or other factors that made it so.

I've been immersing myself in style and body type material, and have concluded that while the color was the most important thing, and I have chosen an ensemble in the right colors this time, I will definitely need to pay attention to the accessories to snazz it up a little. And it came in this week, so next week, I need to try it on, accessories included, to see what works & what doesn't.

How was your week?

Have a great weekend! Ours started early when our apartment staff threw its annual St. Patrick's Day breakfast for the complex.

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Warm Autumn:“This woman never pretends. She won’t say something just to flatter you unless she believes it to be true. She cries harder than anyone at a funeral. She is fiercely loyal to her family but will not spare them hard work or spoil them with extravagance. She may seem to absorb a lot of demands but when she draws the line at enough, everyone knows it.” ~~Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints

Deep Autumn:"Sensible and straightforward as all Autumns, but direct in speech, and quick to absorb change with good evidence, they speak honestly and bluntly. What I love most, I believe, is that they are not one bit threatened or defensive about new ideas. The person may demonstrate more of Winter’s reserve, or more of Autumn’s passive and natural way, but there is always an element of fire." ~~Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints


  1. Sounds like you are making progress on all of your goals. Have a nice St Patrick's Day -- warm autumns have some nice greens to choose from!

    1. Hi Ann! Thanks!! You're right. Each season has greens, and some have far more than they need, I think (can you tell that green is not my favorite color?). But the autumn greens are the only ones I like. Good thing I'm an autumn!

  2. Yes the time change kicked my tush. I had a terrible time trying to adjust and frankly still am.
    Great job on your goals!!

  3. I enjoy visiting other blogs too. There's so many inspiring ideas out there. It's like kind of going to the magazine rack at the library and being able to browse and read a variety of articles.

    That's great that you've been able to do well on the healthy goals you set for yourself. It sounds like they are becoming part of your routine and more habitual now which is wonderful!

    As a side note, you said you wanted to see pictures of Olivia's room that she and I painted this past week. I took before and after pictures of her room and they're posted on my site now (on the 3 in 30 update for Week #2).

    1. Thanks, Ann! That's awesome, I will head there now to check them out.

  4. Great job on the goals! This time change has me going to bed earlier, which is a plus. Last year it knocked me down.

    1. Thanks, Sam!! Oh, that is a good thing, and I think it has been happening to me, too. Still kinda knocked out, though...

  5. Great job on your goals,I need more sleep :)

    1. Hi ClaireJustine! Thanks!! I know what you mean about needing more sleep, I have taken a nap three days in a row.


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