Friday, December 30, 2011

December's Goals: How Did You Do this Month?

(1) Accept people as they are even when they cannot be, do or say what I think I need and know I want. This is carried over from last month.

Still working on it, but I think I am getting there. I notice sometimes that I don't react as strongly as I did before. My relationship with my mother has not always been smooth, and she is definitely one of the ones I had in mind this month, and I see progress in my reactions to her, too.

But remember Northern Exposure? The character of Marilyn, who was basically unflappable, no matter what? That's my goal!

(2) Deepen my enjoyment of the holiday season by working half days, watching holiday movies and doing other fun holiday things.

I did do that, and it was wonderful!! Though I have gone back to work this week, I am still watching holiday movies and burning the candles (I've watched The Holiday at least 4 times this season). I have begun to take down the decorations, but not completely. Speaking of the movie, watch the clip below to hear the song I've been singing all day...

(3) Continue to define and refine my developing system of seasonal color analysis for women of color. When I am working, this is the goal I want to focus my time and energy on this month.

I think this goal is complete, too! Well, I don't mean I won't continue to pay attention to what I notice as I do seasonal color analysis, and I'm sure the insights will continue. But I think I have landed on a workable system.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season!

By the way, this whole year has been better because of the 3 in 30 challenge. I know there are goals I would not have achieved had it not been for this group and this accountability challenge. If you're thinking about joining us next year, I heartily recommend it!!

How do you feel about this month's goals as we come to the end of the month?

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Warm Autumn:“This woman never pretends. She won’t say something just to flatter you unless she believes it to be true. She cries harder than anyone at a funeral. She is fiercely loyal to her family but will not spare them hard work or spoil them with extravagance. She may seem to absorb a lot of demands but when she draws the line at enough, everyone knows it.” ~~Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints


  1. I used to LOVE Northern Exposure! That was such a good show! And The Holiday is one of my fav movies too! I like Cameron Diaz's wardrobe in that one! :) Have a wonderful New Year!!!

  2. I did, too, B.! It was one of my favorites at the time.

    And I adore The Holiday!! I am hard-pressed to remember Cameron Diaz's wardrobe, though I remember I liked it when she wrapped herself up to stay warm. Looked cozy!!

    You have a wonderful New Year, too, B.! And speaking of wonderful, it's been great to see you here. Thanks so much for coming to visit.

  3. Oh, I LOVE The Holiday -and that scene is one of my favorites....although there are a *few* more scenes that I enjoy as well :)

    It's been wonderful meeting you through the 3in30 group -Happy New Year!!

  4. Hi Aurie! I agree, there are lots of great scenes. Happy New Year to you, too!!

  5. I haven't seen The Holiday but will keep it in mind for next year...but I loved
    Northern Exposure and even took a trek to where they filmed the show (a few hours from where I live). I had forgotten how much I liked the character of Marilyn (actually I liked all the characters) and she really did portray the essence of inner calm. A good goal to aspire to.

    Happy New Year and thanks for writing such an interesting blog! Look forward to your posts in 2012.

  6. Hi Ann! What a sweet thing to say!! Thanks. I have enjoyed your comments and will look forward to seeing you here in the year to come.

    Do watch The Holiday if you get a chance. Even if it isn't during the holiday season. Yes, when that show was on, Marilyn's calm boggled my mind!! Since then, I have met people who are generally just that unruffled. Not me, though!

    And I am not likely to become that calm all the time because I am intense and passionate, instead. Fiery. But I do need to borrow her ability to accept people as they are!


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