Saturday, November 5, 2011

Seasonal Color Analysis Meets Six Items or Less: The Holiday Edition

Announcing the Return of Six Items or Less...

I don't normally post on a Saturday, but couldn't wait to tell you all about the new Six Items or Less challenge! It's going to start on Nov. 15th and go through Dec. 15th. I've completed two of their 30-day wardrobe challenges before and am excited to start this third one!!

From their website description, it seems that Six Items or Less began as an experiment that only involved the two founders...

It was started by two urban chicks who, just like people all over the world, had a lot of clothes. And their piles of clothes led to stress, obsessing and made them feel particularly sheepish when they’d pull out a garment, never worn, tags still attached. So they decided to do a little test together. See what would happen. Six Items was born. Something funny happened – people around the world found out and the experiment turned into a bit of a mini-movement.

The Goal of Six Items or Less...

The goal of the challenge is to experience what it's like to confine yourself to six items of clothing for 30 days. People join in for different reasons. Some to road-test their capsule wardrobes (that is usually my reason). Some to challenge their own creativity. Some do it to experiment w/ minimalism, in general.

I do it, as I said, to road-test my wardrobe capsule, but also to experience the camaraderie of the group as we all try to live with less, creatively. This time will be my first since I found out I was a dressing your truth type three and changed my entire wardrobe!

I'm trying to get my son and my mother to participate this time around, too, but let's just say that neither of them is as enthused as I am :). So we'll see...

My Six Items or Less Capsule Wardrobe...

I think I have chosen my six, but let me warn you that this list may change...

Brown pants
Camel pants
Orange sweater
Yellow pullover
Dark brown jacket
Green pullover

I keep thinking I "should" include something red since half of the challenge will occur in December, but I just am not feeling the red these days, so I chose green, instead. Also, I suspect that my church's Christmas party will occur before the challenge is over and it's possible I will dress up and "cheat" that night. Or I may go casual and wear my green pullover w/ my camel pants.

Want to Join Us? The Six Items or Less "Rules"...

To participate, choose six items of clothing (that mix and match, or this experiment will kill you!) and wear only those six for the entire 30 days. That does not include undies, pjs, outerwear, work uniforms, workout clothes, shoes or other accessories.

For more help in choosing your six, click here: 30 Day Wardrobe Challenge.

Let me know in the comments if you plan to join us!

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  1. Jeanine, If you are looking for inspiration to style your 6 capsule pieces over the next month you might get some ideas at Inspired Capsule
    Looking forward to hearing how the experiment goes.

  2. i can probably do this now that I am a stay at home mom but not when i was working. good luck on the challenge

    thanks for visiting my blog. Im your new follower.

  3. Hi Trudy! Good idea, I'll have to have a look. Thanks!

  4. Hey there, Mom Daughter Style! Thanks for visiting, commenting and following. I just followed you, too.

    You know, I do know of people who do it even when they are working full time, but I know it must be much harder than for SAHMs or WAHMs like me. It would be great if you joined us!


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