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Tell Me about Your Soft Autumn Experience

What Has Your Soft Autumn Experience Been Like, So Far?...

There are some women I color analyzed as soft autumns that I would love to hear from (I'd love to check in with those of you who weren't, too!) and some lurkers who have found me because I am writing a soft autumn seasonal color analysis blog.

As you have begun to experiment with your soft autumn color palette, how have you felt in those colors? What has it been like to look at yourself in the mirror? (hopefully, better than she does) Please let me know in the comments.

My Autumn Experience...

Doing a 30-day wardrobe challenge like the Twenty Twenty Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge has been a great way to experiment with autumn colors and really pay attention to how they look on me, because I took pictures. The same thing happened with my 30-Day Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge!

And now, as I compare my experiences and add in what it has been like to be a dressing your truth type 3, I have four thoughts I am mulling over...

(1) Creating signature style is so much more than just knowing which colors to wear, though that is certainly a fantastic start! But I have felt so much better with my own style now that I have added what I've learned from the dressing your truth online course.

(2) Is it possible that when women of color are analyzed, they will need or be able to wear a darker range of colors than other women? I still have this question because I am finding that I like myself better in deep autumn colors.

(3) Might I be a deep autumn? I am wondering because of what I just said above. Which one explains why those colors look better? Or do they? You guys tell me!

"Autumns cover such a large range of colorings, fairer autumns may look best in the oranges and turquoise, whereas black-haired or dark brunette autumns may look good in the deeper chocolate browns, olive green and deep orange reds." ~~The

(4) Or am I a velvety soft autumn? Lora Alexander blogged about the velvety soft summer who has darker coloring than other soft summers and thus, needs darker colors, and she said she knows there is a velvety soft autumn, too. Would that explain it? One website called it a soft deep autumn. Wonder what those colors would be?

Soft Autumn Color Palette...

(photo credit: Jane Rekas and Jane Fardon)

Warm Autumn Color Palette...

Soft Autumn vs. Deep Autumn: Which One Wins?...

More Comparisons...

In this pairing, you can see that both colors reflect the coloring in my face, but I think that the outfit where I have a darker and richer blend of colors just under my face in the animal print scarf harmonizes better.

With my coral and burnt orange pairing, you can see that both are okay, but to me, the outfit with deeper colors looks better – brings my coloring to life, I think.

Let me know what you think by leaving me a comment. I welcome your feedback. But I'd also love to know what your thoughts are on your own experience with seasonal color analysis.


Having trouble deciding which season you are? I'd be glad to help!
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Linking up today with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. What did you wear today?

“Too often, the expression of passion through quiet is misjudged to be low, but that’s not so. Leave flash to someone else. Believe that others fully sense the extreme physicality of understated heat. We feel so grateful for the absence of force that we give more of ourselves back. Nothing rattles our cage, no visual element is aggressive, not a single one. We feel less guarded or inhibited, more open to reveal, more receptive to consider, more willing to play, I’m not using these words by accident. Soft Autumn is the most smoothly sensual Season.” ~~Christine Scaman, 12 Blueprints


  1. Jeanine-- you are adorable and I love your blog. I agree with you that the deeper colors seem to be better on you...they make your features more noticable and brighter somehow. Could you be a little bit between the two groupings? I have been analyzed twice, once as a light summer and then as true summer and really think that I straddle the two categories.

  2. Hi Ann! Awww, how sweet! Thanks so much!! You know, that's what I was wondering. Maybe a bit deeper than soft autumn but not quite as deep as deep autumn. That would fit in with Lora's "velvety soft autumn" category.

    How interesting that you have had a similar experience. So you think your coloring is deeper than light summer but not as deep as true summer?

    The only thing there is that light summer is a blend of warm and cool as true summer is all cool. You would want to decide which one you are because if you are all-cool, you will not like yourself in any of warmer summer colors.

    Thanks so much for delurking!

  3. The all-cool true summer doesn't seem quite right to me because there is a a touch of warmth to my eyes and skin. I hadn't thought about it in that way, but I am probably most comfortable in the deeper light summer shades. I had ordered some "cool summer" makeup and it didn't seem quite right (almost a little purple on me.)

    "Velvety soft autumn" is such a pretty phrase -- it seems like it suits you.

  4. Hi Ann! I had a feeling that was what you would say. Most people are a blend, so deeper light summer shades makes sense.

    Let me know how it goes as you try wearing them. I am finding that deeper colors seem to do well on my body, but in my makeup, I have to blend carefully and try to put it on with a light touch.

    I like "velvety soft autumn," too! She has promised that writing a blog post about it is in the works, so I will link to it once she does.

  5. I will unlurk, too. I have enjoyed following your blogs lately. :)

    I guess that I prefer the pictures of you wearing the deeper colors as well, but I'm thinking that it might be more than just the color. I think the added texture around your face is becoming. It brings your curly hair into the outfit so that the attention is drawn more to your face. That is my theory at least. I have curly hair as well, and I've noticed that it really makes a big difference for me.

  6. Love all these colours they look great,I didn't notice the 22 day's lol

    Now the challenge is over do you want to do some kind of outfit post linky that anyone could join on a Monday? have a think about it :)
    Have a great weekend :)

  7. Jeanine the last 2 weeks when I've tried to get onto your other blog a virus warning comes up and wont let me onto your site,just thought I would let you know because I haven't been able to visit and wondered if you were having trouble? hope it ok for you ...

  8. Hi AG! Hey, good point!! I do think that the curly hair style has helped and so have the accessories.

    Those are all things I have been doing because of being a dressing your truth type 3. And they do make a difference. But I think the deeper colors are part of it, too.

    Thanks so much for unlurking!

  9. Hey Claire! That is so weird about the virus warning. I haven't heard that from anyone else. I wonder if it connected to my changing the URL? Because that is exactly how long it has been since I did that.

    Yes, I goofed with the 22 days, LOL! But now that it's over, if you want to do a more general linkup, that would be fine. As long as we do mention that it is connected to the challenge but that anyone can post an outfit post, that would be fun.

    Thanks so much for hosting the challenge with me!

  10. No question that the darker outfits are much better on you because they balance out the depth and richness of your dark hair and eyes. I would say you were a Warm autumn, not sure about Deep Autumn--test black on yourself, deep Autumns can wear it.

  11. Hi Anonymous! I agree with you about warm autumn. A few months have gone by since this post and I have noticed that the deep autumn clothes do not give me enough color support. Sometimes they even wash me out a bit!

  12. You should try Mac Charismatic lipstick stick -- I think you'd love it.


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