Monday, September 5, 2011

A Labor Day Outfit for My Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge?

A Labor Day Outfit for My Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge? Here’s What I Wore Today

Did you get dressed up for Labor Day today?

Well, I didn’t have any red, white or blue that I could wear. I considered wearing tiger lily (a red orange) but to tell you the truth, I’m not going anywhere today, and didn’t see any reason to dress special just to make beans and bacon in the beanpot!

I did add my tiger lily necklace, but it doesn't add a whole lot to the outfit, I know. I need new accessories...

New Soft Autumn, Dressing Your Truth Type 3 Clothes for My Fall Capsule Wardrobe

A couple of my beloveds have come home! My new yellow tank top and my burnt umber tank top from Coldwater Creek.

I have imagined the outfits, already, but I wanted to make sure that the burnt umber tank top was different enough from my coral cardigan that I could wear them together.

It is! And you can tell even better when you hold them up next to each other. Which means that I can wear the burnt umber cardigan, that is still on its way, with my coral tank dress. AWESOME!!

Warm Autumn Colors for Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe

And here's the Twenty Twenty Linkup. Post as many outfit post links as you want for the week!

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Hi Yelena! Thanks!! I am in love with it, as you might imagine :).

  2. I love fall including the fashion. You look great.
    I wanted to let you know that I just started the first linky, it's open if you have a date night to share or in my case a dream date night ;)
    Thanks again :)


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