Friday, August 26, 2011

This Week’s 3 in 30 Question: I'm a What???

My 3 in 30 Goals this Month...

(1) Get certified as a color analyst. As you know, this one is completed! And I am thrilled to have completed it.

(2) Decide once and for all on the six outfits I will take on my trip to Utah for Celebrate Your Beauty, the first ever Dressing Your Truth conference.

I had a terrific time at the conference and as you will see, I have a lot to tell you about it!

Here are some of the pictures of me taken while there…

And this is what I wore to the parade of beauty fashion show and the Friday night dance…

Though I had a blast at the conference, and ended up taking with me exactly what I most wanted to wear, an amazing thing happened while there that has eclipsed both of those experiences. You may have heard already that I was draped while there in the colors for all four types and I discovered that I am a dressing your truth type 3, not a dressing your truth type 2!...

Why I Got Draped at the Dressing Your Truth Conference

Though I dove head first into all things type 2, from the very beginning, I was pairing everything I wore with brown to make the colors more palatable to me.

(Do you notice in those pics, I have kind of a grey cast to my skin? I never noticed it before, but have recently learned that that is what happens when someone who is not a type 2 wears type 2 colors.)

So, as I was saying, I was determined to make it work but at the same time, was constantly drawn to the type 3 colors and outfits I saw.

And after a few months of participation in the discussions on the Dressing Your Truth forum, I began to realize that I was different than the other type 2 women. They were a kinder and gentler group than I and that disparity started to nag at me. I couldn’t relate to some of the things they said.

Why was that, I wondered. Was I a bad type 2? When was I going to feel the type 3 calm I kept hearing about and why hadn’t I felt it yet?

In general, I began to feel like something was wrong in my type 2 experience and I got tired of dressing like one. I was still trying to make it work, but I was losing steam.

Then I discovered color analysis and dove into it, hoping to discover some colors I could wear that I would like better. I did and to my delight, they were much warmer. But that seemed to conflict with being a type 2.

How did I resolve that conflict? With cheating and rebellion (very type 3 of me as I later found out). I decided to wear the warmer soft autumn colors I had been told I could wear when I was analyzed.

But then it became time to plan for the conference. I couldn’t wear those warm colors there, could I? Hence my difficulty deciding what to pack!

One of my lovely type 2 forum friends, when I admitted my conflict, encouraged me to pack what I wanted to (tiger lily), even if it wasn’t “type 2.” And she suggested that if I were so unhappy w/ the type 2 colors and style, I might not be a type 2, something that had not occurred to me.

When I got to the conference with my renegade coral and tiger lily capsule wardrobe, she informed me that she had asked one of the Dressing Your Truth experts to drape me and she did indeed do so that first night.

Before that even happened, the type 2 women I met told me that just experiencing my energy confirmed for them that I was not a type 2, but they thought I was probably a type 1, instead.

We were all surprised to discover that I was a dressing your truth type 3!

But Why Didn’t I Know I Was a Type 3?...

Or, in other words, what the heck’s the matter with me?

Well, the first thing you should know is that I am a secondary type 2, and many of us live in our secondaries, so we recognize those characteristics and descriptions more when we hear them. As children, many of us are rejected for being ourselves. Sounds too simple, maybe, but it’s true!

We then may make an unconscious decision to be whatever will meet with the approval, and if we do that long enough, we come to believe that that’s who we are. Our first try is often our secondary nature, and if that works, we live there.

I also think that being a secondary type 2 softens your features, which may make it difficult to see the angularity and asymmetry characteristic of type 3s. Being overweight probably did that as well.

Now that I know I am a type 3, the evidence that I am, in terms of character & personality traits, has been flooding my mind for days.

Dressing Your Truth Type 3: This is Quintessentially Me

Here’s a video I watched for the first time a few nights ago that defines me so well it makes me wish I had seen it much sooner.

This is quintessential, Jeanine in her natural habitat, a day in the life! Had I seen this video when I was just beginning to question my type, would I have recognized it as the defining characteristic that it is? I don’t know.

When I told my son about it and started that last “if” question, he cut me off before I could finish (in typical excited type 1 style) and said, “you would have thought you were a 2/3 even sooner!” The wisdom of children!

One word used to describe type 3s is “sure” and I tell you, I was SURE I was a type 2! But now I know I'm a tiger lily princess :).

Anyway, I’m not sure it makes much sense to play Monday morning quarterback, but I think my doing so is a natural part of my grief in realizing I have lost a year to trying very hard to be a type 2. The line from the Barry Manilow song about all the wasted time has been playing on the radio in my head for days.

(3) Create a Type 3/2 Soft Autumn Fall Capsule Wardrobe based on the principles I describe in my book, The Capsule Wardrobe Book, and get it ready for road-testing in September.

Notice how that goal changed a bit? :)

I have a friend who figured out how to match the Dressing Your Truth types to the 12 seasons and as it turns out, soft autumns would be dressing your truth type 3s with a secondary 2. Just like me.

Most, if not all, of the colors are the same and the color card you get when you complete the Dressing Your Truth online course is not a color-matching guide, anyway, it's meant to be used to test if a proposed purchase harmonizes with those colors.

But what the conference reminded me is that dressing your truth is about more than knowing which colors to wear. It's about 5 different criteria and color is only one of them. The course also tells you how to express who you are in the design lines you wear, in the fabric choices you make and the shape of your jewelry.

And I feel like it's important for soft autumns and other seasonal types to know those things as well.

So this blog will shift a bit as I begin to dress my truth as a type 3. Creating my fall capsule wardrobe will look very different than it would have if I were still thinking I was a type 3. As always, I will share my experiences with you. And I will share some things about dressing your truth, too, in case you want to express yourself in more than just color.

Join me for the Twenty Twenty Wardrobe Remix coming up in September! I have tentatively picked out my own twenty pieces and will be trying to gradually bring my outfits into line with not just being a soft autumn, but being a dressing your truth type 3, as well.

Curious about what your dressing your truth type is?
Click here to find out!

On Wednesday, I will be linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday. And hey, if you're visiting from there, say hello and let me know you stopped by. Comments are like apple pie a la mode to me :).


  1. Hi Jeanine, great to read the full story!

    I'm a little confused. You wrote:
    "I have a friend who figured out how to match the Dressing Your Truth types to the 12 seasons and as it turns out, soft autumns would be dressing your truth type 2s with a secondary 3"

    I thought Soft Autumn was 3/2, not 2/3. Wouldn't 2/3 be a Soft Summer?


  2. OOPS!!!! Esther, thank you, you are RIGHT! I will change it right now.

    I noticed several typos in this blog post and thought I had caught them all but obviously not. So glad you saw that!

  3. Hi Jeanine, LOL, don't let Barry get you down!

    I do think you suite the type 3 shades. It livens you up and I did see the 'grey' tone to your skin with the type 2.

    I find it fascinating the way we can determine our 'types'. years ago I was draped and it was determined I was a 'Summer' and could wear Pinks, blues, some greens,etc... and certain colors or make up.

    I have to admit, I don't remember all the details, but I can tell immediately what to stay away from as I can easily see the 'drained' look (skin tone wise) when I am put with a color that makes me look ill.

    I understand the 'sub colors' or sub-seasons too, as sometimes you can cross over to certain other shades and look very nice.

    Love the new blog btw. Congrats on your certification.



  4. Hi Jayne! Thanks!! You know, I don't know know why I didn't see the grey cast before, but I totally missed it and now, it seems so obvious. And the whole "coming alive" thing makes me wonder how I went so long without knowing I had warm skin???

    But thank goodness, I know now. You probably feel that way, too, now that you know which colors look best.

  5. Hi Jeanine,

    Seems like you have had great personal reflection lately! I'm glad you are documenting your personal journey for your readers. And changing your blog to suit these internal changes.

    I, too, have been reconsidering my direction (business wise) and will be making changes to my blog to reflect this. It does feel relieving to have a bit more clarity!

    Looks like you had a great time at your conference! Cheers,

  6. Hi Rachael! Yes, I did do and am still doing quite a bit of personal reflection. And it's amazing how much that can change things for your blog, isn't it?

  7. Hi Jeanine,

    This is a tough read for me to comment on. All I know about color is that "old garbagemen never die, they just turn orange" :)


  8. LOL, Lou! That's okay. But I bet you understand the power of transformation and finding one's place. You write about it often in your short stories :).

  9. Hi Jeanine,

    I had no idea there was so much to choosing clothing. I really don't know what to say, as my clothing consists of jeans and t-shirts and that's about it.

    Guess I'm not very stylish :)

  10. Hi Ian! LOL. That's okay. And jeans and t-shirts have their place, too. What matters more is the colors and design lines of the jeans and t-shirts!

  11. Jeanine,

    First, I would like to congratulate you on your recent certification. Beautiful accomplishment!

    It’s amazing how SHIFT happens. And although you believe you wasted a year dressing as a type 2, it doesn’t appear to be wasted at all. It’s all about the journey and now you have arrived with a lesson to share:D

  12. Hi Leigh! Thanks!! Well, I love your perspective and you make a very good point. Thanks for sharing that, it's a great way to look at it.

  13. Hi Jeanine,

    I'm not an expert in choosing the right clothing but I do agree.. Colors are important and influence your thoughts, feelings and finally your actions. I prefer the warm, soft colors after a while of being "on the dark side". It just feels better now.
    I'm not saying that the other ones are not good.. The warm colors have more energy and vitality...
    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us:)

    Wish you a wonderful day,

  14. Hi Radu! I'm glad you agree about the importance of color. And I am loving the warm, soft colors, too. You're right, they do give me energy!

  15. Hi Jeanine,

    color can be so tricky! I find it tough that some of the colors I'm drawn to aren't necessarily the ones that look best on me. Yet I can see the importance of wearing colors that make us look more lively - I know one woman whom I deeply respect, who always wears colors that do nothing for her and it's such a shame. Would be wonderful for all of us to get a professional analysis...

  16. Hi Natalie! You are SO right, they can be tricky!! And professional analysis can do wonders. I still feel like I am getting a Christmas gift every day.

  17. Hello this is interesting!

    I've been analysed as a Soft Autumn and I've come to the conclusion that I'm a type 2, with secondary type 4. I definitely don't see any type 1 or 3 in me. So this leaves me with a problem like you had (until you realised you were type 3!) Type 2 and Soft Autumn don't really seem to 'go' together. But nothing in type 3 resonates with me. I'm not sure where to go from here.

    1. Hi Jen! If you feel sure that you are both type 2 and soft autumn, what you might do is wear the SA colors and try the type 2 style or design line recommendations. But keep in mind that a lot of women who are type 3s don't recognize it in themselves initially. I sure didn't!

  18. Ok, thank you, I can see that would be a good idea. Personally (and I don't know if I'm right) I see the different types of beauty as type 1 - spring colours, type 2 - summer, type 3 - autumn and type 4 - winter. I know Carol's system isn't based on colouring though and that's what I have problems with. I wouldn't want to be a type 4 and wearing bold winter colours if I'm a soft and warm season.

    I realise where you're coming from - someone else had to tell you your true type. I just don't know how I can be sure I'm a type 2 although everyone seems to agree 'delicate' suits me. I suppose I can try both type 2 and 3 and see how it feels - after wearing type 3 clothes did you 'feel' they were right for you? I can see in your photos type 3 seems to instantly sit with you - maybe I'll find that.

    Another question - what I said earlier about the colouring...would this literally link in with the types of beauty? For instance, being an Autumn you could only be a type 3 or a spring a type 1 etc..? In Carol's videos colouring doesn't seem to link that much with your type of beauty; it's about personality. I can't see that all winters may have a type 4 personality; this seems too restrictive...

    Sorry for the long message, just some thoughts I wanted to share.

    1. I think you have it right about how the types line up, although you're right that color is not supposed to be a part of the process of deciding your type. On the other hand, I don't advise wearing the wrong colors, ever, no matter what type you think you are.

      If you are a soft autumn, then the type 3 colors will work for you, although you may want to soften them a bit. You could try the style recommendations, too, and see what you think.

      They do work for me, and I did realize it right away, once I tried it. And I also have studied and trained in other systems, and what I have landed on, style-wise, often lines up nearly perfectly with the type 3 advice.

      I understand your point about four types being too restrictive. Though I tend to agree, I also think that this system is on to something.

      Let me know how it goes as you explore!

    2. Ok, thank you! For now I will wear type 2 clothing styles in Soft Autumn colours like you advised and see how I go.

      I agree that the outside style lines seem to link with some inward expression or personality and so wearing the right 'type' seems naturally beautiful and not forced on you. I'm interested to hear how dressing your truth fits in with other systems?

      I agree. I think I just have to disregard the colour information of the system and stick with everything else!

      I'll keep you updated and thank you for sharing your journey with us :)

    3. Hi Jen! You're welcome. I am part of a group that has tried to compare DYT to other systems. Sometimes everything lines up, sometimes not at all. But I agree that something about the style advice seems to be good as long as you make sure you are sticking to the colors that are best. Yes, definitely do let me know how it goes.

  19. This is unrelated question but do you know of any Bare Minerals makeup/ lipstick colours that would suit a SA?

    1. I have no idea, unfortunately! You might try Elea Blake because they create 12-seasons makeup and you can try-before-you-buy with samples.

  20. Ok, thank you, that's very helpful.

    To keep you updated - I now think I'm a type 2 or 4 in the DYT model. I've definitely ruled out that I'm a type 3 (in fact, it seems almost the opposite to me). I think I was just initially tempted by the type 3 colours, since they are closer to my SA palette. I can't decide between type 2 or 4 because I feel I have many characteristics of both. I've sent DYT an email asking if I can send in pictures to confirm my type as it's really bugging me now! I've tried dressing in both and I feel like both reflect a different part of my personality/ mood well but I can't decide which one is more authentic.

    1. Those were the two I was considering first as well! I just want to make one more plug for type 3. I ruled it out because I am a couch potato who can be still while reading or watching TV. What is so active is my mind! And I often have mental to-do lists, if not paper ones, and I do focus a lot on what needs to be done, sometimes being more task-oriented than people-oriented, especially if something I need to do is weighing on my mind. One of the videos convinced me because it said that if you're a type 3 and in the middle of doing something, if a loved one interrupts you, you will think you are paying attention but are likely to miss what is being said. If you are able to listen, you will feel strongly drawn to finish what you were working on and will feel uncomfortable until you can get back to it. That happens every day for me! And keep in mind that a 2 or 4 as secondary will change the way type 3 shows up. Having said all that, if you still feel like it can't possibly be you, I would suggest trying some of the style suggestions for both 2 and 4 and see which ones feel best.

  21. I've just been looking at my childhood photographs and I overwhelmingly seem to be wearing clean lines in bright colours such as red and pink with a clean looking bob. I'm guessing this would be a type 4 style? Interestingly, and my colour consultant agreed, even though I am a SA I look best in the deeper colours of my palette such as red, coral, blush pink and teal. Pale colours seem to wash me out and do nothing for me. I can seem to get away with some 'soft' items such as scarves or peals but they have to be very simple and clean looking; not fussy. I'm wondering if this all points to me being a type 4 with a secondary type 2 which means I still look good in scarves and loosely curled hair that's not too long.

    I wonder if you as a child dressed more as a type 3? Do we ever naturally 'dress' our type or do we have to find it?

    1. As a child, I was definitely drawn to autumn (T3) colors, but had no sense of style lines or shapes or any of that. I wore whatever was popular whether it looked good or not, LOL!

  22. Lol!! I believe I'm a type 4 but I don't see how if I, as a SA, would work with type 4 colours which have been described as 'cool'. I admit I look far better in the brighter and deeper colours of the SA palette but I'm concerned that this 'disconnection' is a sign that I may not be a type 4. Like you said, you realised once you were a 'warm' season that type 2 didn't fit. I really can't see a type 1 or 3 in me. Type 1 looks silly on me and type 3 somehow heavy and overpowering. Brown tends to look dirty on me. Type 2 just seems to look pathetic on me, like it needs more 'oomph'. I think until I find something right, I'm reluctant to commit to the whole course.

    1. I understand that, Jen! I'd be reluctant, too. If I were going to try to combine the two, though, that's how I would do it, with the brighter & deeper colors of the SA palette and the style recommendations for type 4.


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