Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Twenty-Seven

Healing for Soft Autumn (or Any Season’s) Inadequacy

Do you ever have feelings of inadequacy about your beauty?

The other day, I mentioned that I’m going to a conference next week called Celebrate Your Beauty, the first Dressing Your Truth conference, and am still deciding what to take and what to wear. Well, my anxiety about that is very typical for a dressing your truth type 2 and it has sort of been a background companion as I considered what to wear.

Yesterday, Carol Tuttle, the founder of the Dressing Your Truth system, emailed those of us attending a beautiful video designed to help anyone clear inadequacy or worry about what the event will be like and it was SO helpful I decided to share it here! It really captures the essence of what I love about Dressing Your Truth: the belief that all women are beautiful and the loving affirmation of that in all the information they share in the program.

After watching the video, I feel so much more relaxed about the whole process of choosing what to bring with me and wear each day!

Today’s Soft Autumn Outfit

Brown lace cardigan
Coral tank top 
Khaki pants

That is the outfit I wore out the door into the hundred-degree heat. But I did try the scarf with it first...

And remember that coral blaze lipstick from Color Me Beautiful that I tried the other day and wasn't sure was right for me? I tried it again but put it on lighter and I liked it! I am wearing other makeup, too, but I can't remember what it is. I think coral blush and the same blush as eye shadow.

Soft Autumn Color Palette

(photo credit: Jane Rekas, Expressing Your Truth)

What did you think of the video?


  1. Jeanine,
    Hopping over from Creative Cain Cabin. The way I make my photo collage is by using the free down loadable program called Picasa. Maybe you are already using it, by the looks of your own collage going on. Let me know if I can help in any way. So glad to have met you. The coral color you're wearing is perfect for you. Very summery:)

  2. Hi Dawn! Thanks!! I'm glad to have met you, too. Yes, it occurred to me it might be Picasa, so I tried it for today's post and it worked. I had not yet tried using borders but I think I will from now on.


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