Monday, August 8, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Twenty-Five

Soft Autumn vs. Soft Summer...

One of the women who volunteered for virtual color analysis turned out to be a soft autumn but had initially thought she would be a soft summer.

The soft seasons are sister palettes to one another and someone whose dominant trait is soft and muted can wear colors in both palettes. But one seasonal color palette will be better, depending on whether the person is warm or cool.

Sometimes the differences can seem subtle. So I thought I'd share some celebrity pics of soft summers and soft autumns. Guess which is which! You also can take a look at my celebrity page for seasonal color analysis with celebs who are women of color.

(Drew Barrymore)

Today's Soft Autumn Outfit...

More playing with yellow! :)

I have been wanting to try yellow with grey for a while now and I liked it. I'd like to add a scarf that has some kind of yellow and grey blend or maybe some jewelry to go with it. Here's one from Chico's that might become a part of my capsule wardrobe...

I was pleased with the way my makeup looked. I used a pewter eye liner pencil from BeautiControl, pink Gerbera blush from Color Me Beautiful and tropical ice lipstick, also from Color Me Beautiful.

Soft Autumn Color Palette...

(photo credit: Jane Rekas, Expressing Your Truth)

Which seasonal colors have you been playing with lately?

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