Saturday, August 6, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Twenty-Three

Soft Autumn for a Fall Capsule Wardrobe...

I didn't actually get dressed in real clothes today! I think the week caught up with me all at once. But I bought a cream-colored jacket for fall, on sale at Lands End at the time, and I wondered how it would look with my yellow tank top.

Yesterday, I decided to try it on with it and I liked it! I think it will make for good layering when the season is in transition and it's beginning to get cold but not really cold enough for two layers with long sleeves.

Planning a New Capsule Wardrobe: Soft Autumn Outfit for Early Fall...

For the early fall capsule wardrobe. I think that both fall and spring are seasons where you almost need two because there's that "not yet" transition time before it settles into its final temperature.

Have you started to plan or shop for your fall capsule wardrobe yet? Since I am new to the whole soft autumn thing, I believe I have some more shopping to do :).

Best Soft Autumn Colors for a Fall Capsule Wardrobe...

I'm excited about playing with the coral, brown, rust, camel and other rich autumn colors that are part of the palette. Here's one outfit I'm planning for early fall...

What are you planning for your fall capsule wardrobe?

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