Friday, August 5, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Twenty-Two

Are You a Soft Autumn Like Me?...

I have done some virtual color analysis as part of the training for my certification as a color analyst and of them, so far, two have been soft autumns like me. Just in case there are others of you wanting to confirm that you are soft autumns, I will offer free virtual color analysis through the weekend, so get in touch soon!

If you are a soft autumn, then you are a mix of warm and cool, so if you go either all cool or all warm w/ your outfits, you may feel like something is "off." I do, every time! But if you add in a touch of the opposite, like warm clothes, cool makeup or the reverse, or add one thing in the opposite, that will help create the balance you need.

You need colors that are warm and soft and deep. Muted. And you want no more than medium intensity, no more than medium contrast. But don’t go overboard as you lower intensity, either, or you may feel like you aren’t there when you look in the mirror. Medium is about right and you’ll know when you’ve hit it!

 (Stylewatch swatch)

Now, the soft seasons, both soft summer and soft autumn, can wear both warm and cool colors because they are a blended season. But you are at least a smidge more warm than cool if you're a soft autumn and therefore, you will need more warmth in your wardrobe.

Your Soft Autumn Color Palette

For soft autumns, these colors are among your best: camel, golden brown, light moss, salmon, rust, peach, sienna, cinnamon and more.

(photo credit: Jane Rekas, Expressing Your Truth)

Feel free to comment on my blog (I'd love it!) as you begin to create your own soft autumn wardrobe. Let us all know how it's going.

My Soft Autumn Find...

If you've been reading along, you know I have been lamenting my inability to buy as many tiger lily pieces as I would like. You might also remember that I check the J. Jill website every day (sometimes twice) and this time it paid off big!

You know how I am ready to let go of that magnolia pink dress that is a little intense for my palette? Well, I found its replacement in tiger lily...

Now, it may need a little wash-and-fade but that's not a big deal. It is one size smaller than I usually wear, so I will have to try it on to make sure it fits (fingers crossed w/ me, people!) but I. am. EXCITED!

Today’s Soft Autumn Outfit

I decided to play with yellow today, using my new yellow tank top from Woman Within. I think it may need a little more of the wash-and-fade and wearing it with the brown did, at first, make me think of being on safari. But I liked it!

I have not worn yellow since my high school days when I had a yellow cotton knit sundress I loved and wore all the time. It felt a little like a reunion to wear this color again and I think I want to continue to explore different ways to pair it & wear it.

I tried a light touch with my makeup, hoping it would support the color but not overwhelm me. I tried a grey taupe eyeshadow from the Dressing Your Truth store, warm pink Gerbera blush and Tropical Ice lipstick, both from Color Me Beautiful.

My friend, Jane Rekas, from Expressing Your Truth (who created the banner & logo for this blog), suggested that my makeup would show more easily without my glasses. Oh, alright! ...

And here are my son and I after we got back from checking our mail in the hundred-degree heat. We were yellow and khaki twins today :) ...


  1. Jeanine, I love your blog and your explanations! I will keep coming back here :)
    Most of all, thank you for your analysis!


  2. Esther, thanks so much!! I'd love to see you here as part of the ever-growing soft autumn community :).

    And you're welcome! I loved it ~ especially your makeover pic.


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