Thursday, August 4, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Twenty-One

Soft Autumn Makeup...

Still playing around with my new makeup but this time, only tried the coral blaze lipstick, to go with my coral dress.

(photo credit: Truth is Beauty)

I didn't take a picture of it because I didn't quite like it. It was a little too bright. Probably perfect for a spring. Maybe even a deeper autumn, but not for a soft season needing soft, muted color.

Today's Soft Autumn Outfit...

This is what I wore again today. I know, why didn't I take a picture? Because I knew it wouldn 't be any more exciting than this one :).

Soft Autumn in Training...

In yesterday's training call, we went over the parts of my certification homework I had completed (she, then, gave me more) and then talked about subtle differences between the different seasons and pickied out celebrities who represent them.

For example, light spring and light summer. Do you know which one is which? Tell me in the comments section...

(Michelle Pfeiffer)

(Kate Hudson)

We're meeting again this weekend! It has been a great certification week, so far, and it is helping me to think of what I would need to do if I ever decide to train color analysts.

Soft Autumn Dream Denied...

Yep, this is about an outfit! I really wish I had given myself permission to buy tiger lily pieces from J. Jill before they ran out of most of it. Just last night I was looking at the pictures of myself in the pink tank dress, wishing I could have bought the tiger lily one, instead...

Isn't it beautiful? And at the beginning of the season, they had cardigans and tank tops in tiger lily, too! But as a dressing your truth type 2, I was afraid it wouldn't be muted enough and that wearing it with my brown lace cardigan would create too much contrast.

Why didn't I think of combining it with the coral cardigan sooner? Because as it turns out, it is muted and would get softer and more muted the more times I washed it.

What are you kicking yourself for not buying or not wearing?

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