Monday, August 1, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Eighteen

A Soft Autumn in Training...

Can I just say how excited I am to be almost certified??? I had another training conversation with Lora Alexander today and as usual, we talked about the most fascinating things!

One thing she told me is that the field of color analysis is ever-expanding and she mentioned changes I may see coming up with the European Color Me Beautiful style of seasonal color analysis.

She also mentioned two people who wrote to her to ask for information who were students in fashion schools. She asked them which books they were using and they mentioned the ones we have used as a backdrop for her training.

This is my week for certification, which means testing! Wish me luck.

Soft Autumn: Rich and Muted...

Well, a couple of weeks have gone by now and I'm past the halfway point in my 30-day soft autumn wardrobe challenge. My goals have been to warm up my wardrobe a bit, but also to work on creating outfits that play well together, without too much contrast and where the overall look is soft and muted.

What I've learned is that low contrast is going too far! I need to stay within the space between the point just after low and the one just after medium. And I think I like medium better. I've noticed that as long as the individual colors are soft enough, even medium contrast works well.

Today's Soft Autumn Outfit...

Both of these pieces have softened a bit in the wash and I love the way they work together now. In fact, I loved the way I looked today!!

Linking up Wednesday with The Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday! If you like outfit posts, go check it out.


  1. These colors look great together :)

  2. Hi Claire!! Yay, I'm so glad you think so because I love to combine them.


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