Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Planning Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe for the Twenty Twenty Wardrobe Remix

How to Plan a Soft Autumn Capsule Wardrobe for Early Fall...

For our Twenty Twenty Wardrobe Remix Challenge, Claire and I are asking you to choose twenty clothing pieces for the month of September that you will use to create twenty different outfits during twenty weekdays in September. Which means you get weekends off!

Obviously, you will need a combination of tops, bottoms, dresses and cardigans or jackets but how much you need of each may depend on the weather where you are and the activities likely to come along during the month.

If the weather is transitional, you may want to make your fall capsule wardrobe layer-heavy, so you can take a layer off as it warms up and put it back on when it cools off again. So you might need more cardigans and shirts to mix-and-match than someone who will have all cold all the time! :)

Best Colors for a Soft Autumn Capsule Wardrobe...

(1) Neutral Colors: If you are a soft autumn, your best neutrals for a fall capsule wardrobe are colors like camel, chocolate brown, stone, golden brown, rose brown, taupe and cocoa.

(2) Accent Colors: For warm soft autumn colors for early fall, you could choose from light gold, coral, light moss, moss, and rust.

For color suggestions for the other seasons, check out the website for our challenge at Twenty Twenty Wardrobe Remix.

Soft Autumn Color Palette for Inspiration...

This is actually a warm autumn color palette from Jane Fardon but soft autumns would just need to choose the softer colors among them.

Next week, I will tell you what my twenty choices are for my own fall capsule wardrobe.


What will you be wearing in September? 
Join us for the Twenty Twenty September Challenge 
and show us! 
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