Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Day of the Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge

Today's Soft Autumn Outfit...

Coral cardigan from J. Jill
Yellow tank top from Lands End
Khaki pants from Lands End
Taupe, yellow, orange scarf from Banana Republic

I felt like I had been wearing my coral cardigan all the time so I decided to give it a rest for a bit to make sure some of the other things in my closet got a fair chance for this soft autumn challenge. But it sure was nice to be reunited with my one true love! :)

Notice how nice the scarf looks with the outfit? Without it, the three colors don't quite look right but with it, it looks like a planned outfit, I think.

Soft Autumn Color Palette...

 (photo credit: Jane Rekas, Expressing Your Truth)

Soft Autumn Makeup...

I had on warm pink Gerbera blush and tropical ice lipstick from Color Me Beautiful. I didn't wear any eye shadow.


  1. I just found out I'm an autumn too. I love all your outfits. I bet you'd look great in some of those purples and teals too. The coral looks fabulous. I'm wearing coral too today :)

  2. Hi dfv! I am in love with coral, so thanks, I'm glad it's working for me :).

    I am trying to make friends with teal and purple but so far, it's no go. Hey, congrats on being an autumn. I'd love to hear more about your journey as you try out autumn looks.


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