Sunday, August 14, 2011

Insights from the Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge

My Soft Autumn Outfits...

My goal was to create a collage that included every single outfit I wore. But that proved impossible. Or, at least, it seemed so! You can tell, I'm sure, that some of them are hiding behind others, and of course, I picked the ones I liked least to hide most. Wouldn't you?

Soft Autumn Color Palette with a little assist from Soft Summer...

(photo credit: Jane Rekas, Expressing Your Truth)

Though most of the outfits are soft autumn colors, I did borrow a few from the sister, soft summer color palette, and when I did, I mixed those colors with soft autumn ones. Remember that if you are a soft season, you are a blend of warm and cool, and can wear colors from both palettes.

Soft Autumn Insights: My Insights from the Soft Autumn 30-Day Challenge...

(1) I think the main thing I have learned is how much better I feel emotionally in the soft autumn colors! In many ways, they feel like home.

It wasn't a very dramatic change from what I was doing already as a dressing your truth type 2, because type twos also wear soft and muted colors. And I continued to keep in mind the other principles for dressing your truth type twos, so the primary difference was that some of my colors were not just soft but also warm.

And what a difference that made to how I felt inside and to how I felt about how I look!

(2) I also learned that rather than low contrast and low saturation, I probably need something closer to medium for both. And I suspect that that is because I am African-American, a woman of color.

I know many color analysts suggest (and I agree) that some within a season will need the darker end or the cooler end, etc., which proves that it's possible that some colors in your palette will work better than others. And I think that for women of color, that is even more the case. If you have darker, deeper coloring, try that end of the continuum first in your palette.

(3) Another insight is that it can be difficult to make changes when you think that others may not approve. Be prepared to encounter that yourself. It can feel like you have a crowd with you as you gaze at yourself in the mirror. Do I dare to wear that new color?

I encourage you to give it a try, and let your internal (or external) audience take care of themselves.

Change of Plans: Soft Autumn Outfit for the Friday Night Dance...

First of all, I found out the dance at the Dressing Your Truth conference, Celebrate Your Beauty, is on Friday night, not Saturday night.

Secondly, I have changed my mind already and am going to wear my favorite dress, also coral, instead of the one I had planned. What I was going to wear is on the left. What I now plan to wear is on the right...

New Plan for this Soft Autumn Blog...

For the remainder of this month, I will either be preparing for a trip or recovering from it. Though I will still be blogging, right here, at Seasonal Color Analysis for Women of Color, I won't be posting on weekends and may miss a day or two.

Wednesdays will probably be wordless, with soft autumn outfits for fall. Speaking of fall, start thinking along with me about your early fall capsule wardrobe! The Twenty Twenty September Challenge starts in just a couple of weeks.

And I probably will do a couple of outfit posts a week, for Real Momma, Real Style and What I Wore Wednesday. And a seasonal color analysis book review or two.

Can't wait to tell you all about the Dressing Your Truth conference when I get back!

Which season are you? Do you know yet?


  1. Hi Jeanine ,

    Ooooh I really love the warm pinks you are wearing in the photos above, - they really suit you!

    I cant wait for Spring to arrive, so I can start wearing some pretty pinks and dresses. Oh! and some pretty espadrilles :)


  2. Hi Gabriella! Thanks so much!! It is always good to hear positive feedback about what you're wearing when you've made a change.

    I know what you mean about waiting for the season to change, but the one I am looking forward to is autumn (my favorite).

    Good to see you here!


  3. You look Beautiful in your colors and I have to agree when you wear correct colors your emotional state of mind in balance with your life!

    I just discovered your blog and I love it!
    Im an Image Consultant myself and its always interesting to read about somebody's else experience!

    Warm regards,

    Seasonal Color Analysis

  4. Hi Yelena! Thanks for stopping by. I have discovered your blog already and have really enjoyed it.

  5. Yelena, I'm adding you to my blogroll!


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