Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Final Plan for the Twenty Twenty September Fall Capsule Wardrobe Remix

My "Twenty" for the Fall Capsule Wardrobe Challenge: Twenty Twenty September...

Planning to join in on the Twenty Twenty challenge? It will be a great chance to road-test your soft autumn capsule wardrobe for early fall, or if you're not a soft autumn, your wardrobe for your season. In addition to gathering together what I hope are good soft autumn colors for my capsule, I am also paying attention to what honors me as a dressing your truth type 3.

Only 16 of the 20 are pieces I currently own. The others (like the warm khaki cardigan in this picture on the left) are from Coldwater Creek and I am hoping to have them within the next week or so. Here are the one I have...

However, one of those 16 pieces is in my "maybe" category (I decided that after creating the collage), so I have added/ordered 5 pieces from Coldwater Creek.

If all of them come in with time to wear them before the challenge ends, I will not wear the off-white, ivory-colored pullover. If there are any that don't make it, I will try the ivory top again.

The Goodies I Am Hoping to Acquire for My Soft Autumn Fall Capsule Wardrobe...

Burnt Umber Cardigan
Burnt Umber Tank Top
Honey Bee Cardigan
Honey Bee Tank Top

By the way, if you are a soft autumn or a dressing your truth type 3 like me, check out the "Back to Fall" sale Coldwater Creek is having from now until September 5th. It's a BOGO sale for tops!

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Color Palette that Soft Autumn/Dressing Your Truth Type 3/2s Can Wear...

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