Friday, August 19, 2011

3 in 30 Takes a Trip to Utah

This special edition of 3 in 30 comes to you from Utah!...

(1) Get certified as a color analyst. DONE! It feels weird not to still be devouring information.But I am thrilled to have completed the training!

(2) Decide once and for all on the six outfits I will take on my trip to Utah for Celebrate Your Beauty, the first ever Dressing Your Truth conference. Well, to be honest, I have about 4 outfits planned & will choose the rest while I am at the conference (which I can't wait to tell you about next week).

(3) Create a fall capsule wardrobe based on the principles I describe in my book, The Capsule Wardrobe Book, and get it ready for road-testing in September. I have the colors planned (camel, khaki, chocolate for the neutrals and coral, tiger lily, brown, and cream for the accent colors) and some of the pieces picked out already.

I have the Twenty Twenty Wardrobe Remix coming up in September and have tentatively picked out my own twenty pieces!


What will you be wearing in September? 
Join us for the Twenty Twenty September Challenge 
and show us! 
Click here to find out more.

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