Friday, August 5, 2011

The 3 in 30 Challenge for August Comes to This Soft Autumn Blog!

I do this monthly challenge at my other blog and decided to bring it here so it can share in the goal-setting fun :).

(1) Get certified as a color analyst. That should happen within the next few days, but it is all I have been working on for weeks now, so I decided to list it here.

(2) Decide once and for all on the six outfits I will take on my trip to Utah for Celebrate Your Beauty, the first ever Dressing Your Truth conference. 

I actually only need five but I want to have an extra one ready just in case. So far, I think I have settled on what I will wear on the plane, both times, and I’ve narrowed it down to two possibilities for what I will wear to the Saturday night dance.

Which one would you choose? I may just take them both & decide when I get there, but I'd love to know what you think.

(3) Create a fall capsule wardrobe based on the principles I describe in my book, The Capsule Wardrobe Book,  & get it ready for road-testing in September. I have the colors planned (coral, brown and tiger lily, plus a couple of neutral pieces) and some of the pieces picked out already.

What are your goals for August?


  1. Ooooh - what fun goals!!! I like both of the outfits, but the lighter (peach? coral?) one is so lovely! I like it best. I am going to enjoy watching you move through your goals!!!

  2. Hey there, Queen Mommy! I used to tell my son a story in which he was the prince, and I was his mommy, the queen :).

    Thanks! I am kinda leaning toward the coral one, myself.


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