Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Which season am I?

Seasonal Color Analysis...

At it's most basic, I am starting this blog to chronicle my own efforts, as a woman of color, to identify my color season, analyzing myself with the information I currently have available to me.

I am about to start a 30-day seasonal color analysis challenge and I hope to be clear at the end of it! Because I know that color analysis can be more challenging for women of color, I also am hoping to provide information that other women of color can use to determine their own color seasons.

My Color Analysis Story...

My color analysis journey began many years ago, in the early 80s, when I was analyzed one summer at a Belk department store by a Color Me Beautiful color analyst. At that time, there were only four "seasons" and if you were African-American, you were typed as a winter or autumn, but usually a winter.

I was told I was a winter and began to wear very deep, jewel colors. In retrospect, I am sure they overwhelmed me somewhat, but back then, that was idea...sort of. We were told we needed to correct our coloring by wearing the colors that opposed it. So if our undertone was olive or golden, we needed cool colors to offset it.

Now, the idea is to harmonize with your own natural coloring, rather than trying to fix it. It is true that the right colors will "perfect" your coloring, but not by opposing it.

Last year (2010), I discovered the Dressing Your Truth system, and found out that I am a dressing your truth type 2. I have been dressing my truth and blogging about it ever since!

Being a dressing your truth type 2 is more than just wearing a certain set of colors, but it does speak to that, for sure. I know that my best colors will be soft and subtle and cool.

How Does that Match Up to Seasonal Color Analysis?

Recently (2011), I decided to explore the new 12-season color analysis system because I was curious about whether my season would match my dressing your truth type. Using that system, I discovered that I am a soft/muted and my best seasons, in order, are soft summer and soft autumn. So that's a yes! My very best colors are soft and subtle and cool!

What's your color analysis story? Are you dressing your truth?

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