Saturday, July 23, 2011

Warm Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge ~ Day Nine

(picture credit ~ http://www.shopmyclosetboutique)

Warm Autumn Color Analysis

My friend, Jane Rekas, from Expressing Your Truth added my picture to this warm autumn palette. These are some of the colors I will be trying this month in addition to the soft autumn palette I am already using as a guide for outfits.

My training with Lora Alexander began yesterday and we talked a bit about seasonal color analysis for African-Americans. She suggested that women of color may need the deeper, brighter or more intense colors within their seasonal color palettes.

I am wondering if that is the reason, in addition to not having given Lora enough pictures for my virtual color analysis, why the warm autumn color palette seems like a possibility for me.

Finding Warm Autumn Colors

(picture credit ~

So these are some of the colors I need to look for within my own closet to give warm autumn a try. Other colors include: cream, coral, light coral, warm brown, burnt orange, sienna, olive-moss, pumpkin, camel, dark brown, terracotta, deep peach, salmon and salmon pink.

Today's Warm Autumn Outfit

I had absolutely nowhere to go today so I decided to stay in my comfy loungewear. Let's let that picture be my day nine warm autumn outfit. That coral fits the palette. Meanwhile, I will search high and low for something to wear tomorrow...

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