Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soft Autumn vs. Warm Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Ten

Warm Autumn Color Analysis w/ Mock Draping...

My color analysis training began last week and first on the agenda was identifying my own season and learning as much as I could about seasonal color analysis with African Americans and other women of color.

I decided to do some more draping. I refer to it as "mock" draping because what I did was wear or hold up pieces of clothing & take pics, which I then emailed to Lora Alexander, my color analyst & trainer.

Except for the picture on the bottom right, I'm not wearing makeup and didn't do much with my hair. Yikes! But my goal was to showcase the colors against my skin, not look like a model (no worries there!)

Seasonal Color Analysis with Celebrities: Warm Autumn, Deep Autumn & More...

I created my own homework and got to work this weekend studying my notes, my books, and practicing with African-American celebrities and other women of color. 

I chose Beyonce, Queen Latifah, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys. After looking at several pictures of each, I color analyzed them and sent my notes to Lora. I'll let you know how I did.

What was interesting about the experience was how warm and golden I thought some of them were, and then, when I compared their skin to mine, it was more similar than I expected. Made me think again about warm autumn.

(photo credit ~

Today's Warm Autumn Outfit...

I slept in today so didn't go to church (okay, that happens more often than not, to be honest) and the only reason I had to get dressed was a quick trip to the health food store. My allergies have been brutal this summer & I needed to restock my cabinet with allergy supplements.

So I decided to be casual and to wear my new shell tank top from J. Jill...

Brown lace cardi from Roamans
Shell tank top from J. Jill
Khaki pants from Lands End

I loved the outfit, but believe it or not, I am beginning to get tired of my brown lace cardigan! I think next time I try out this combo, I will wear it with my new favorite cardigan :).

How do you feel about what you're wearing today? Does it match your season?

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