Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Seventeen

Soft Autumn Wish List...

My friend, Jane Rekas, from Expressing Your Truth, created this outfit for me based on the colors in my eye. Did you know that you can repeat any color in your eye? I love these pieces and would love to have and wear them. And will be on the lookout for similar ones!

More Soft Autumn Outfits...

I like these, too!

Today's Soft Autumn Outfit...

I had an outfit picked out for church but then, decided not to go. Instead, I basically was comfy and cozy in loungewear. I've been spending a lot of time writing articles due tomorrow for two online magazines and doing virtual color analysis for my certification.

But I will be back tomorrow with an outfit! :)

And on Wednesday, I'll be linking this post with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy for What I Wore Wednesday.


  1. WOOPS, I ACCIDENTALLY copied a comment from someone I just commented on below the comment that was meant for you, that's embarrassing! SORRY! Here's the correct one :)

    DANG, THOSE are on MY wishlist too! Great outfits :) Oh my gosh, I LOVE that white coat in the bottom picture too. Why do cute coats make me want it to be winter when in reality I hate winter? Ha ha. I found ya from The Pleated Poppy. I am going to follow your blog, would love for you to follow mine :) Have a great day!

  2. Hi Savannah! I am headed for your blog next. I know what you mean about wishing for winter.

    Actually, it's the beastly heat of summer that makes me think more fondly of winter :).


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