Thursday, July 21, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Seven

Today’s Soft Autumn Outfit

Today, I wanted to test one of the blue shirts whose color, I think, is in the soft autumn palette. I don’t yet own the swatchbook, so I have been using a picture of the seasonal color palette for soft autumn.

Also, I read that if you, yourself, are a blend of warm and cool, then so should your outfits be.  So I tried to blend warm and cool in this outfit, and then soften it, to make it a good match for my dressing your truth type 2.

I like it! But … I just don’t know, for sure, about the blue. I think time (and my training) will tell. 

Soft Autumn or Warm Autumn?

I did another lip draping and the consensus among my forum friends seems to be that the warm autumn lipstick harmonized best. So that could be another reason why the blue doesn’t quite seem right.

Top to bottom, I am wearing warm autumn lipstick, and soft autumn lipstick...

What I might do is transform this 30-day soft autumn wardrobe challenge into a soft autumn/warm autumn challenge and see what happens.

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