Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Six

Soft Autumn & Tired...

Today's post is going to be short. I spent way too much time in 100 degree weather this morning & afternoon and I am pooped!

I had an early morning appt. to get my hair done and my hairdresser was late, so I waited and sweated (because the door was locked) for half an hour until she got there. By the time she arrived, her next appt. was there and she worked on both of us at the same time. I was there almost 3 hours!

Then, errands and hanging out a bit at my mom's house and we headed back here. Wait 'til you see what I scooped up at my mom's house...

Today's Soft Autumn Outfit...

Here's what I wore to get my hair done. Notice I didn't even bother with earrings?

A Soft Autumn Outfit from Long Ago...

And here I am after I got back, with hair done, and something I (stole) scooped up from my mother's house...

How are you beating the heat with your outfits?

The Soft Autumn Palette...

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  1. Hiya, add the "follow by email" gadget and a counter. This blog is gonna be hot!

  2. (((Jane))), what a wonderful thing to say! From your mouth to God's ear :).


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