Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis Challenge: Day Five

Wearing Soft Autumn Colors

Soft and muted is good. Soft and muted while wearing the right soft autumn colors: priceless! :)

One thing I learned from the Dressing Your Truth program is that when I am dressing my truth, I will be more in touch with who I really am. I’ll see it every time I look in the mirror and give myself the same message about myself that others will see.

Feeling “Soft Autumn” Today

All afternoon, as things slowed down a bit, I noticed that I was feeling more like myself in today’s outfit. And happier, in general. And then I read a comment on my other blog, Dressing My Truth, and it confirmed for me that I’m on the right path, color-wise…

“I think I've said it before but I love that coral color on you. Even though I don't know you, you sent me a wonderful email offering to help me get my blog started. That makes me think I know your personality, and I think the coral color brings that out on you.”Grammy Goodwill from yesterday’s post on my other blog.

I think that is the third or fourth comment or reaction of that type and it makes me really glad I bought all those coral pieces from J.Jill!

Soft Autumn or Warm Autumn?

I heard back from Lora Alexander, of Pretty Your World, and she said that though she didn’t quite have enough good-quality, high-resolution pics to decide for sure, she was making a guess that I am a warm autumn, but wasn’t 100% sure. She suggested trying warmer colors and said that if they seemed too warm or golden, then I am a soft autumn.

Okay, works for me! What I have to get clear on is that if I am a warm autumn, it doesn’t mean more intense colors, just warmer ones. 

I did notice that when I put on my peachy lip balm, it looked a bit chalky to me, but when I added a smidge more color with my Sunset lipstick, I looked much better. Still, I suspect I am a soft autumn because when I tried the warm autumn lipstick on again, it said, “HELLO!”

Today’s Soft Autumn Outfit

I love this outfit! It makes me feel like I am wearing ice cream. At first, I tried the green tank top with a water blue cardigan from J. Jill, and it was okay, but I didn’t really like it. And boy, as soon as I tried on the coral cardi, I knew I had the outfit I wanted to wear.

Coral cardigan from J. Jill
Dusty green tank top from Chadwicks
Khaki pants from Lands End

Even my son got into the act today with soft autumn colors :) ...

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