Friday, July 15, 2011

Intro to The Soft Seasons & My Choice of Soft Autumn

It's All a Continuum

No matter where you land, experiment with the colors in your palette. How soft? How cool? How warm? How muted? How much summer? How much autumn? Perhaps you are a blend of three seasons, not just two! For women of color, you may need darker or deeper versions of the colors in your palette.

Taking Apart My Decision: Soft Autumn

So, for me, I was convinced I was soft and muted, not much contrast between my hair and eyes and skin, and just deciding that that was my dominant characteristic narrowed it down to either soft summer or soft autumn.

That means I am a combination of warm and cool, of summer and autumn, a neutral. Then the question became how much summer? Or how much autumn? 

And with any chosen season, you could speculate that some people are within the range but not properly depicted by the palettes. A little more summer or a little more autumn than is represented. That would be why you could be one of the seasons & still not be able to wear every single color in the palette.

The Soft Seasons

“On Soft Seasons, there are no big jumps from one colour to the next. Transitions exist, but as the eye moves from the skin to hair to eyes, it doesn’t encounter anything bold or sudden in the colours themselves or how they are combined.”—Christine Scaman

Also, soft seasons do better in colors that are next to each other in their palette, one tone lighter or darker than the other, or monochromatic looks. Color blocks or sharp contrasts don’t work very well.

“Every person in every Season has to make a darkness adjustment with her color analyzed palette. Some women will look or feel better in lighter colors than others.” –Christine Scaman

Choosing Soft Autumn

So as I hope I have begun to illustrate, soft summer & soft autumn are sister seasons combining cool and warm, but with summer more cool and autumn more warm. 

They are difficult to choose between but I finally landed on soft autumn because ...

(1) these are the colors I am most drawn to, 
(2) I tried makeup in coral and peach that looked good on me, 
(3) I tried wearing two colors together that are both in the soft autumn palette (but more muted) and 
(4) when I did the draping, most people agreed that I looked good in both the warm and the cool colors but seemed to lean more warm. They also commented that some of the cool colors were too "pink" or too "blue" or too "cool."

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